Easy Diwali Recipes, 25+ TamilNadu Traditional Diwali Sweets and Snacks

Tamil Nadu Traditional Diwali Sweets and Snacks Collections. 25+ Diwali Recipes that you must try during this Diwali 2022. As Diwali is tomorrow 24th October, it’s time to plan your Diwali Menu. In case you have any Idea about making Authentic Sweets & Snacks from Tamil Nadu here is the entire collection of Diwali Sweets and Snacks with Step by step Photos and Video. Before that Wish you a very Happy Diwali. May Lord Ganesha take away all your sorrows and bless you with all the bounty. wishing you and your family a joyful Diwali. May Goddess Lakshmi top up your life with peace, Joy, serenity, and felicity and bring utmost rejoicing in your life.

In this post I have collected what I make for Diwali every year, I keep a constant menu for Diwali what most Tamilian Homes make for Diwali. Usually, I start making Diwali Bakshanam a week before I start with Diwali Marundhu, then some sweets like Adhirasam because the dough needs 3 to 4 days resting time then only it will fry nicely. Then some savories like ribbon Pakoda, murukku, oma podi, kara sev. This year I made it one shot using multipurpose flour. Finally Badhusha, coconut burfi, Mysore Pak. This year I reduced the sweets because no one like sweets so this year I made Laddo and Kaju Katli. Usually, I make Vadai, Suzhiyam, and idli, for Diwali day for Breakfast. Let’s see the Diwali Recipes in Detail.

Diwali Marundhu:

Authentic Diwali Marundhu using 15 types of Nattu Marundhu This is the first one I make before Diwali sometimes at the end too. But making it a week before is good so that it tastes nice at the time of Diwali. It is a thick paste-like Medicine used for digestion, Not only at the time of Diwali, but it is also good to have on normal days before any heavy meals. Also, very good as பிரசவ லேகியம்(postpartum medicine) improves lactation. It can be easily made using herbal/Ayurvedic ingredients.

Diwali Menu/Diwali recipes:

Thengai Paal Murukku, TamilNadu Special Paal Murukku
Kaju Katli, Only Sweet loved by overall Indian and I never missed making this on Diwali

These are the Items most Tamilians Make for Diwali Festivals. The First picture is last year’s Diwali picture. I have shared all Diwali recipes on my blog Prema’s Culinary. Please go to the search button and find the recipe if anything you want in particular.

Diwali Sweets recipe collections:

9+ Gulab Jamun Recipes

Diwali Savory Snacks:


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