Premalatha Aravindhan

Hello everyone, I am Premalatha Aravindhan owner/author of  Prema’s Culinary.  My Home Town is Thanjavur, TamilNadu, India. I was lived in Singapore for 12 yrs and now Residing in Dubai. I have learned some Malaysian and Singaporean dishes from my mom who resides in Malaysia for almost 20 years. Tamilnadu traditional recipes which am posting on my blog are mostly on Iyengar style learned from my mil. I do learn a few recipes from cookbooks, magazines & TV shows.   

About Prema’s Culinary:

Thanks all for your valuable stopover on Prema’s Culinary. I have started this food blog in Jan 2010. Initially, I named it “Prema’s Thaligai” as we used to call cooking as Thaligai. After I have started posting baking on my blog, I have received many requests and suggestions from the readers and friends to include egg on my baking recipes. Thought the name Thaligai means a lot and decided to name my blog with a different one.

In 2011, one of the best reasonable names struck my mind, Yes!!! that’s “Prema’s Culinary”. Culinary means an art. As all, you aware cooking is one of the finest art as well. Thanks, friends, and readers for all your positive responses on this naming.

In Prema’s culinary, you can find 100% vegetarian recipes with step by step pictures along with the procedures and tips, it makes you to easily understand and follow the recipe.  Here you can browse for traditional Tamilnadu foodstuff, Festival recipes, Eggless cakes, and continental recipes

How to’s ” session on my blog provides a detailed fundamental and basic procedure of recipes, it might be very useful to all readers and especially the beginners.

I do post recipe videos which also helps readers visibly understand the procedure. 

My best buddy – yes it’s about my Camera
As all of you aware, the pictures and videos are very important to translate and communicate with readers. I didn’t carry a DSLR right from the beginning, I was using a digital camera later moved to DSLR. I bought my NIKON D5000 with a 55mm lens in May 2011 for food photography. Later in Dec 2012, have upgraded my gear to a NIKON D5100 with a 70-300mm lens which was a gift from my brother-in-law.

To be very frank, I am not a professional food  photographer and I can’t keep this as full time however photography is my passion which I won’t give up.

Every day I come across new things and ideas, yes life is full of learning curves.

I am thankful for all the support from readers and friends. Will keep posting to make of my readers to feel hungry on my recipes 🙂