5+ easy south Indian murukku recipes for diwali/deepavali

Manapparai Murukku Tamil Nadu Special

Murukku Recipe with step by step instructions, notes, tips and video. This post is the complete compilation of 5+ easy murukku variety which you can very easily make at home. I have given the tips for how to make the murukku maavu at home and do check the basic recipe which suits for all bakshanam.South indian murukku recipe is very easy to make and also the only snacks which all types of age groups would love to have at any time. Andra murukku recipe is are bit spicy and love them too. Without murukku, deepavali/diwali is not complete at all.Murukkus are same as chaklis, the same snack called as Murukku in Tamil, is called as Chaklis in North. The press used also is the same.

Before that I wish all my readers Happy Diwali and stay tuned in Prema’s Culinary for Diwali Recipe and more!!!

For few murukku types i have to uploaded the videos in youtube do check that whenever i get time will try to upload for all murukku recipes.

How to make Murukku Maavu:

For basic murukku maavu you need processed rice flour and urad dal flour. Do check here how to make the processed rice flour and urad dal flour recipe. The basic murukku ratio is 2 cup rice flour and 1/4 cup urad dal flour.but in some cases the urad dal flour calls more to get more soft texture. Murukku maavu differs for some murukku varieties. Make murukku maavu at home and enjoy Deepavali.

Murkku Press:


This is the murukku press which i normally use to make murukku. Amma has 2 murukku press one is the wooden one and other one is the brass(pithalai) murukku acchi. While making murukku for diwali she use both the murukku press and for faster also to reduce the processing time. Usually 2 people will sit to make murukku one will fill the murukku naadi and the other will fry and take out the murukku from the oil. I can’t forgot my childhood days and preparation for diwali itself starts 2 week before.  You can the above murukku achu picture,lot of different hole available we can make different variety of murukku using that.Let us see one by one.

Manapparai Murukku:

Manapparai murukku

Manapparai murukku recipe is very easy and simple to make. If you want to make the perfect swirls do check the below video you will make it perfectly. for this murukku the amount of urad dal used is little more and specialty is deep frying it 2 time to make it more crips.

manapparai murukku recipe video.

Achu Murukku without egg recipe:

achu murukku

Achi murukku recipe is also known as rose cookies and achappam, is the sweet variety of murukku. I have shared the eggless recipe for achu murukku which you can make it at home. You can find the step by step pic for Achu murukku recipe in Prema’s Culinary.Easy achu murukku recipe here.To make achu murukku you need the achu murukku mold like the below pic,

achu murukku press
image source

Butter murukku:

butter murukku

Butter murukku recipe is very easy murukkku recipe.For butter murukku the ratio of rice flour is more than normal murukku. We are adding butter to make it more cripy. The colour is golden brown because of addition of butter. Do check the recipe for the butter murukku here.

Jeera Murukku:

Jeera murukku

Jeera murukku recipe with step by step pics,I will say this is the most flavourable murukku of all. The addition of jeera make murukku very flavourful and delicious. You can use any type of achu to make jeer murukku its up to you. I have used mullu murukku achu.

Kai Murukku or Suthu murukku:

kai murukku recipe

Kai Murukku(கை முறுக்கு)/ Suthu Murukku recipe which i made of rice and urad dal flour but here we are using the processed rice we are grinding the rice and using it. Very intresting to make and my most favourite murukku variety of all.

Seepu murukku Recipe:

seepu murukku

Seepu murukku recipe is an another interesting murukku variety that the shape itself tempt us to try. Usually this murukku will be make for krishna jayanthi but for change we can make this for diwali also. Do check how to make seep murukku with step by step instruction on Prema’s Culinary.

Thanks For visiting and stay tuned for more murukku recipe in Prema’s Culinary!!!

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