Rava Kesari Recipe, Secrets of Saravana Bhavan Kesari aka Kalyana Rava Kesari

Secrets of Hotel Rava Kesari and Kalyana Rava Kesari, wondering how the Kesari is glossy and soft for long while they prepare in Kalyanam(marriages) or in Hotels. They add little oil instead of ghee at the end, that’s why it is glossy and soft for a long. But Homestyle Kesari is always made in ghee. I have shared the Tips & Tricks for the no Fail Kesari Recipe which is easy to understand. If you know me well you know how much I love anything made out of semolina and this Rava Kesari is no exception although it’s similar in appearance and texture to Mango KesariMilk Kesari(Paal Kesari)Ragi Semiya KesariAval Kesari recipePineapple Kesari recipe. But taste wise unbeatable.

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What is Rava Kesari aka Kesari Bath?

Rava Kesari is also called Sooji Kesari. It is a Dessert made with Rava/ semolina along with sugar with the cardamom flavor and ghee. It has a soft texture and aroma which melts in your mouth.

Ingredients and Ratio of Rava Kesari:

The ratio of Rava Kesari in Common is 1:1:2, 1 cup Rava, 1 cup sugar & 2 cups of water. Depending upon the Rava quality the water ratio differs. Also, some people have sweet tooth they use 1.5 cups of sugar. I don’t use much sugar I use 3/4 cup of sugar for 1 cup of Rava. Coming to water some Rava needs more water like 2 to 3 cups. It depends upon the quality of Rava. Below is the method I follow please check.

🌸Rava/Semolina Today I took 1/2 cup of Bombay Rava, Rava / Semolina/ Upma Rava is made from Durum Wheat which is used to make Rava Pongal, Rava Dosa, Rava Idli, Upma, Rava Ladoo, Kichadi, Rava Kesari (Sheera), Rava Kanji, etc.

🌸1 cup of hot water(adding hot water reduces the cooking time also lumps will not form). For 1/2 cup of Rava, I used 1 cup of water, which may require more or less depending upon the quality of the Rava.

🌸1/2 cup sugar, for 1/2 cup Rava 1/2 cup sugar is more than enough if you need you can increase

🌸Kesari Powder, we don’t get Kesari powder here so I used the red-orange color Food color.

🌸1/4 tsp cardamom powder, you can use rose water or saffron for flavor. But I use only cardamom

🌸5 to 10 cashews, some people will add raisins too but I don’t.

Rava Kesari making Easy Video:

📝How to make Perfect Rava Kesari,

1️⃣Heat a pan with 1 tbsp ghee and add 5 to 10 cashews. Roast in low flame. Once it turns golden remove it from the pan and set it aside.
2️⃣Take 1/2 cup Rava for make Kesari. Roast it in the same pan. Once you get the nice aroma.

Add 1 cup of hot water(adding hot water reduces the cooking time also lumps will not form). Mix well.
3️⃣Cover and cook Rava for 2 to 3 mins. Once Rava is cooked, add 1/2 cup of Sugar, a drop of food color, and ¼ tsp cardamom powder, and mix well without lumps.
4️⃣Finally, add a tbsp of ghee & roasted cashews and mix well. That’s it Rava Kesari Ready!

✅Secret Tips to make Perfect Rava Kesari:

🔥Use Bombay Rava for perfect Texture.
🔥Even if you are using roasted Rava, roast it once with ghee before use because it gives a nice flavor.
🔥Hotels use Oil instead of ghee at the final touch to avoid hardening. That’s why it looks glossy and soft for a long.

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