Masala Dosa Recipe with Potato Masala & Chutney Recipe for Mysore Masala Dosa

Magic of Mysore Masala Dosa with 🔥spicy chutney and potato masala which the deliciousness meet at one place. 🔥Masala Dosa Mornings! Having a plate of absolutely delicious Homemade Mysore Masala Dosa with coconut chutney on the side, What’s better than that? Mysore Masala Dosa batter is not like our regular batter, chana dal is soaked and ground along with urad dal and rice for extra crispness and color. More of the Karnataka Special Dishes like Chow Chow Bath recipe,  Bisibella BathMTR Bisi Bella Bath Powder Mysore Sambar, Mysore RasamTomato bath Upma Recipe, Shavige RecipeDonne BiryaniMysore Masala Dose, Obbattu Or Holige, vegetable Palav

Topped the dosa with a layer of spicy 🧄poondu kara chutney and 🥔potato masala stuffed, pakkuvama closed and served, tough to stop with one dosa. What do you say? Do try this way next time while you make dosai, you love it! 

What is Mysore Masala Dosa?

Masala Dosa is prepared with rice, urad Dal and chana dal batter. The batter is made with a combination of dal and rice. Later fermented and made dosa. A thick, red, garlic-red chili chutney is smeared inside the dosa before filling the masala (potato bhaji). A small pat of butter at the top of the potato masala and the dosa is folded, ready to be served with coconut chutney. This is called Mysore Masala Dosa.

Before making the batter just go through the recipe for the Masala dosa Filling,

Potato Masala for Mysore Masala dosa,

Spicy Red chutney for Mysore Masala Dosa:

Now Let’s prepare the Mysore Masala Dosa Batter.

📝Mysore Masala Dosa Batter Recipe:

🌺1 cup idli rice, ¼ cup urad dal, ¼ cup chana dal, soaked for 3 hours, and then grind it to a fine paste. You can soak them together and grind them together too. 
🌺Transfer the ground dosa batter to a wide bowl.

🌺Add a tsp salt and mix well with a clean hand, cover, and let it ferment for 8 hours or overnight.
🌺Once fermented, the dosa batter is ready to make Dosa.
🌺You can make Plain dosa or Masala dosa too.

🔥This Dosa batter will spoil soon, so always make in a small batch and finish it within 2 days.
🔥The batter should be fine paste then only that texture you will get.

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