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Collection of delicious lip-smacking idli recipes like Authentic Tamil Home Style idlis, How to make Soft Idli batter, Instant idli recipes, idli without rice recipes, Millet idli recipes, and also side dish for idli in one post. Idli is a very popular South Indian breakfast/dinner dish. It is one of the best breakfasts in the world as it is steam cooked and also nutritious. This one post is you can see the collection of Idli recipes to sort out your 👌Healthy breakfast or dinner idea.

As Today March 30th WORLD IDLI DAY I wanted to share all of my idli recipe collection organized in one post. That would help the beginners and my followers without any confusion they will click one and found 20+ idli recipes and side recipes. Before Starting the recipe I wish Everyone “HAPPY WORLD IDLI DAY!!”

Basics Idli Recipes Like,

Authentic TamilNadu Special idli recipes🙏🙏,

Pacharisi Idli(Raw rice idli) is made During Padigai like Vinayagar Chathurthi, Varalakshmi Viratham, etc. as on Pandigai days we won’t use Parboiled rice, we substitute with raw rice + Poha. Poha brings Softness to the idli so we make Pacharisi Idlis with a both combo.

Sambar Idli, Mini Sambar Idli recipe, Mini Idli recipe, Super Soft Mini Idli, mini idli sambar dipped in yummy Delicious sambar seasoned with ghee, tiffin sambar idli recipe, Mini Sambar Idli, 14 idli sambar made with Tiffin Sambar. Tiffin Sambar recipe below

Kanchipuram idli is also known as “Kanchi idli”. “iddalige” in Kannada. This Kanchipuram idli recipe is a traditional method that is a less time-consuming and very tasty recipe. 

Kothamalli Dosai recipe, Kothamalli Idli Recipe, How to make Instant Kothamalli Dosai recipe TamilNadu Special Instant Super soft Kothamalli(coriander) Dosai & Idli Recipe made with Homemade Idli Maavu.

Kollu Idli(horse gram idli) Good for weight loss and for those who want to try different idli varieties for your breakfast and dinner you can try it. Super soft Kollu Idli Recipe and Dosa with Kollu maavu. I have used less quantity of Arisi (rice) to make this Kollu idli or horse gram idli. 

Stuffed Idlis are made with Healthy stuffing makes idli healthier than the normal idlis. Am sure all idli fans would love to have this idli. I made the stuffing bit spicy so that we do not need any special chutney or sambar is not required to try this. As it is stuffed with veggies we can pack it for lunch also.

Traditional Karnataka Special Idlis❤️❤️,

Karanataka Special home-style idli made with rice Rava, This rice Rava idli we no need to grind the rice just using the idli Rava we can make it.

Carrot Rava Idlis made with Sooji, Rava(semolina) idli recipe. This is a twist for the usual Rava Idlis. This is Specially made for Kids with lots of carrots. This Carrot idli is also instant idli no need for fermentation.

Andra Special Idli🔥🔥,

Spicy Guntur Podi Idli, made with Guntur Idli podi. Spicy Guntur Podi Idli made with Guntur chilies, garlic, peanuts, roasted gram dal, Tamarind. Soft and Fluffy idli tossed with Guntur Idli Podi in ghee. idli served with Hotel-style Coconut Chutney link below. Super tasty Breakfast. If you are a spicy food lover, Definitely you love this Guntur Podi idli.

Green gram dal idly or Mung beans idli) made without rice. Taste something similar to Pesarattu but in idli form. Green gram dals are high in fiber and protein. Such a healthy and Low-Calorie breakfast recipe. Good for Weight Watchers, Don’t count the calories just eat healthily. This Pachai Payaru idli is made without rice, Urad dal & methi seeds.

Millet Idli Recipes(சிறுதானிய இட்லி),

Millets are gluten-free and rich in antioxidants, soluble fiber, and protein. It lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels. All my millet recipes are made without rice. Even the diabetic person can have extra idli without any guilt. we can have millets in a moderate portion only about 2 to 3 times a week.

Multi Millet Idlis, Combinations of millets like Whole Ragi, Kambu, Thinai, Samai soaked grind, and fermented idli called Multi Millet Idli. There are no hard rules for the ingredients, you can use any type of millet that is available in your pantry. I used little kavuni arisi which is black rice this is optional the millet dosa does not need rice at all.

Ragi idli recipe is called கேழ்வரகு in Tamil. If you want to try healthy dosa or idli variety for your breakfast and dinner you can try this ragi Dosa/idli.

Instant idli Recipes,😉😉

Ragi Semiya Idli, No rice, No Rava, No eno salt, No need for Fermentation. Instant Breakfast recipe Under 30 mins. Ragi Semiya Idli using Anil Ragi Semiya recipe.

Broken Wheat Rava Idli(Gothumai Rava Idli), Diabetic Friendly Breakfast made with Wheat Rava Idli with Coconut Coriander Chutney. Prepare Idli Batter with Broken Wheat which is also called Dalia idli. Very healthy Low Carb Breakfast recipe.

Tamilnadu Native special Rice idlis💯✔️,

Kavuni Arisi, Black Rice Idli Recipe, Tamil Nadu native special Karuppu Kavuni Arisi Idli for Weight Loss Breakfast Forbidden Rice Idli Recipe for Weight Loss.

Mapillai Samba Rice(arisi) Idli, Dosa Recipe without idli rice. Super Soft Mapillai Samba idli made with super healthy Red rice. Mapillai Samba Rice idli is just like any other idlis with extra nutrition-packed, more fiber & red in color.

Brown Rice Idlis are made using brown without poha or idli rice. In some countries brown rice is cheaper than idli rice or idli rice is totally not available, in that case, we can use Brown rice to make idlis. Not only cheaper they are healthier too. 

Quinoa Idli recipe, a healthy breakfast to kick start the day. Quinoa idlis are made without rice. Quinoa has a lot of health benefits. For people who are suffering from thyroid or PCOD, it’s good to have quinoa. It really helps in our weight loss journey. In this recipe, I have added only quinoa, urad dal & methi seeds(fenugreek seeds).

Kid’s Favourite Idlis👶🏽,

Popsicle idlis are kid’s Favourite idli, Kuchi Idli for Kids. Homemade Popsicle idli for kids’ lunch or Snack Box.

Most Famous side dish for Idli or Dosa:

Sombu Chutney made with fennel seeds, Murugan idli Kadai idli Podi recipe, Instant Pot Moong Dal Sambar, Tiffin Sambar, Simple Tomato Chutney, Thanjavur Kara Chutney, Peanut Coconut Chutney, Hotel Coconut Chutney, Garlic Chutney, Onion Chutney, Bottle Gourd Chutney, Thanni Coconut Chutney, Tri-Color Chutney.

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