Soft idli recipe, How to grind Idli batter in Mixie (idli rava)

Soft Idli with Idli Rava

How to make Soft Idli with Idli Rava in Mixie, Grinding the Idli Batter in Mixie is an Easy Job but we need to follow some few tips to make Soft Idli. How to Grind Idli Batter in Ultra Wet Grinder which I have posted long back. After posting that I felt that is very useful for many beginners. Till now am getting emails like How to grind Idli batter in Mixie? Some Queries like” if we grind idli batter in Mixie idli, will it turn hard?”  This post will clear all your doubts regarding the Idli Batter.

Making Soft idli is not a Magic but we need to pay some attention while grinding as well as very little patience is necessary. Being a South Indian I can proudly say that I will make super soft idli without fail. Practice Make a man Perfect-Yup, If we use the correct measure of rice and dal, we will get soft idli. Staying in abroad or planning to go abroad? people have the same doubt like we need to take our grinder or we will get a grinder in abroad. I told them you can bring you mixie that is more than enough. In mixie itself, we can grind the idli and dosa batter.

Till now I am using my ultra grinder for grinding idli dosa batter never tried in the mixie. Also, I always use the idli rice never tried with idli rava. Very new to me. One of my Karnataka friends told their idlis are the best Tamil Nadu idlis are very sticky. I just want to give a trial. Bought the idli rava from the store and quickly tried it.   I just followed the recipe and the measurement from here. Grinding the idli dosa batter in mixie takes only 20 minutes and cleaning the mixie is too easy.

The ratio of idli rava is 3 and urad dal 1, I have added the fenugreek just a tsp. Soaking of idli rava for 3 hours is compulsory but urad dal just an hour is enough. Adding water to the idli rava for soaking is very important just to close level is enough should not add more water.

I just divided the whole process into 3 parts to make the detailed post about How to make soft idli and dosa batter, soaking, grinding and fermentation, let us see one by one. I have given the tips as wells as detailed instruction along with the method itself so carefully read the instructions and follow it. Still, if You have any query feel free to write me My mail id is

To Make idli you need:

1 and 1/2 cup Idli Rava

1/2 cup urad dal 

1 tsp methi seeds 3 tsp salt

3 tsp salt

Step by step process of making soft idli :

Step : 1  Soaking Process,

Soaking Urad dal and Idli rava

Take urad dal 3 part and idli rava 1 part. I took 1 and 1/2 cup idli rava and 1/2 cup urad dal. add it in a bowl soak separately. Soak idli rava in water( water level should just to immerse not more than that), let it soak for the 3-hour minimum. Soak urad dal in a separate bowl in that bowl add 1 tsp methi seeds(fenugreek seeds), Let it soak for a 1-hour minimum. This is how we need to soak the dal and the rice. Let us see the grinding process.

Step: 2 Grinding Process,

Grinding the Idli batter

The idli rava and the urad dal soaked well let us grind it. Grinding in Mixie or in a grinder doesn’t matter, How you are grinding it, that speaks. If you using the mixie add the dal in the mixie first add a little water and grind it. In between open the lid scrape down the edges and add a little water, grind it. Till you get smooth and fluffy batter you grind by adding a little water in between. I did this 2 times my dal becomes very soft and fluffy. Now take the soaked idli rava start mixing with the grinded urad dal batter. Just squeeze it gently and add it to the urad dal batter. Make sure that there is no excess water in the idli rava. Add salt and let it to ferment for 8 hours. Don’t disturb the batter in between.

Step :3 Fermentation and Making soft idli with the fermented Idli batter:

Soft idli making

Fermentation is a process where the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat. But it doesn’t mean that methi seeds does this job so even if you didn’t add the methi seed fermentation will occur with proper heat. How i will get Fermented my idly batter? I used my hands and mix nicely by bringing the batter up to down and vice Versa. I will not use any uno salt or baking soda or yeast. My idli batter will get fermented naturally. If you are living in a cold country then preheat the oven and keep the batter inside the oven for overnight and use it. Once the idly batter got fermented mix it well and then grease the idli plate and drop a ladle batter over the mould. Steam the idli in a idli steam  and then take out the idli serve hot.

Idli rava

Here is the soft idli is ready made with idli rava. Do try this method and keep the instructions on mind am sure you will super soft idli. If you still not clear watch this video, you will get the idea.

How to grind the idli dosa batter in Mixie with Idli Rava:

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