Andhra Meals Recipes, No Onion No Garlic Telugu Bhojanam

Pure Vegetarian no onion no garlic Andhra meals(food) recipes Mainly from Karnataka & Telugu Cuisine. Andra Thali recipes with 10+ items in one post. Andra festival Food idea for any occasion. Very simple and Easy recipes, not many preps required you can make them in less than 2 hours. Without Hitting at a restaurant You can make Complete Andhra Meals At Home. There are wide collections of Telugu(Andhra Recipes) available on my blog Prema’s Culinary. But still, I want to make one Complete Andhra thali, that happened today. Let’s see How to make Andhra meals at Home.

Before I Begin HAPPY NAVRATRI TO EVERYONE! what is Navratri without guest food? Every day we make something to offer God, we invite people and share our happiness with them. Also we go to their house to enjoy good food During Navratri. Spreading Positive Vibes is the Main theme of Navratri.

Andhra Sattvic Bhojanam?

Bhojanam means Food in Sanskrit.  Hindus believe that the body and mind are interconnected, so Bhojan affects the health of both. The purity of food, therefore, contributes to the purity of the mind. Such pure food is called sattvic, also called Food without onion and Garlic. It is tough to have sattvic Bhojan every day but at least for occasions, we can try to avoid onion and Garlic. This Andhra Bhojan is completely sattvic Bhojanam.

How I made this Andra Meals:

Planned the menu a day before because we already know about the quest very well and what they like and don’t. So a day before I planned the menu and what I am going to cook for guests and also Neivedyam. It makes me complete the work easily. Also, I do meal preps on weekends which is also another reason we can make any type of meal quickly. This meal has only ten items like Vedi Vedi Annam(Hot Steaming rice) + Paruppu(dal) + Nei, Kandi Podi (Paruppu Podi), Gongura Pachadi, Avakkaya, Gutti Venkaya, Dondakaya vepudu, Sambar, Tomato Charu(Rasam), obbatlu(Boli), Thayir(curd), Vadai, Appalam. Below you will get the recipes.

Vedi Vedi Annam(Hot Steaming Rice):

Vedi Vedi Annam is nothing but Hot Steaming Rice. South Indian Meals are always based on Rice, sambar rasam, curd all needs rice to taste it. I always use Green Farm Sonamasoori rice and cooked stove to method, that is called de starched rice. De starched rice is good for health and also rice looks fresh and white. I cooked the rice Finally once i finished cooking everything.

Paruppu(dal)+ Nei:

To begin with any South Indian Meals always starts with Paruppu(dal) which is nothing but dal is cooked with turmeric powder, a drop of oil and the mashed is called Paruppu(pappu). In tamil Cusine we call it as Kalathu Paruppu. The dal is mixed with rice and ghee is an amazing Combination. If you want to learn How to Cook Toor Dal and make Paruppa Click Here.

Kandi Podi (Paruppu Podi) + Avakkaya:

Some like Dal rice, Some people Like Dal Powder rice mixed with ghee, so both will be there in Andhra menu. Dal Powder is called Paruppu Podi in Tamil and Kandi Podi in Telugu. Actually the dal powder is mixed with rice and Ghee with Accompinment of Avakkai Pickle is the Amazing Combination so dal powder avakkaya is a must in Andhra Meals. If you want Kandi podi(Paruppu Podi) recipe please click here. This recipe has garlic but i made it without garlic. Avakkaya means diced mango Pickle Click here for the recipe.

Gongura Pachadi:

My most favourite in Andhra Cusine is Gongura Pachadi, it’s a kinda thokku variery you can have it as a side dish for idli, dosa or chapati or even mix with rice too. I love with Sambar rice or rasam rice. Gongura is nothing but sorrel leaves in English and Pulicha Keerai in Tamil. Here is the Recipe of Gongura Pachadi recipe, This original recipe has garlic but i skipped it.

Gutti Venkaya kura(stuffed Brinjal Curry):

Gutti Venkaya is very famous peanut based curry made with tender Brinjal. Brijal is splitted and stuffed the freshly ground peanut coconut paste, Recently i have shared the Gutti Dondakkaya(stuffed Ivy gourd), same method i Followed to make this Gutti Venkaya. Do check the recipe must try from Andra Cusine.

Dondakaya vepudu:

Dondakaya Vepudu is the Ivy Gourd Stir fry. Goes well with Rasam, Sambar and all types of Variety rice recipes. we can make the same recipe with Okra too.

Murungakkai Sambar(Drumstick Sambar)

A simple and Delicious Sambar Variety, also a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves this Sambar.

Tomato Rasam, Thakkali Charu:

Made this simple Tomato Rasam using this Instant Rasam Powder Mix, under 10 mins the rasam ready!

Bobbatlu/Obbattu(Puran Boli):

Obbattu made with Wheat flour not maida it was a very tasty and healthy version. This dessert suits for all the occasion and in Andra it is very famous.

Vada/Garelu/Medhu Vadai:

Vadai we call in Tamil and Garelu in Telugu made with Urad dal and No onion and Garlic. Do check the recipe for Hotel style Vada.

Homemade Curd/Thayir:

Finally the South indian Meal is not Complete without curd. Made Homemade Curd for rice and Butter milk too.

Hope You all like This Andhra meals. Do try them and let me know your Feedback!

These are the some of the recipe Ideas for Lunch for Guests, Plan your menu and enjoy Navratri Here is the Collection of Laddo Recipes, Payasam RecipesSundal Recipes

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Thanks & Have a Good Day! Enjoy Navratri!!

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