A Beginner Guide for Air Fryer, Time chart, Accessories & Recipes

It’s all about the Air fryer! How to clean? Time Chart, Air fryer Accessories, and recipes! The food you make in the Air fryer will not be fancy or photogenic but healthy! Last week for a potluck I made a Vazhaipoo cutlet in an air fryer one of my friends refused to touch it because of its color. I told her to taste one, she completed everything saying that the taste was amazing! If you are one who wants to cut down tons of oil & save cooking time then an air fryer is the best choice.

What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer is a kinda small-size convection oven, the heating element & the circulation of the fan in the Air fryer help to cook the food & crisp it.  An air fryer is great for cooking food and gives crunch without much oil.

How to choose a Good Air Fryer & which Air Fryer is Best?

To begin the choice of picking your air fryer you first need to decide on a few things. Do we really need an Air Fryer? Have Space in your kitchen? It will be useful? If all points are checked then go ahead for buying one. After buying we should not regret that it occupies more space, and I am not using it and all. While choosing the Air fryer,

  • Choose the one with a medium capacity, like XL, 4 to 5 liter(for about 4 to 5 people)
  • Choose the one with Auto shut off & digital tough panel not the one rotating knob

I came across so many amazing air fryers, and while there are a lot of good ones out there, I personally recommend PHILIPS, HAVELLS PROLIFE GRANDE, NUTRICOOK(if you are in Dubai base Nutri cook is the best)rapid air fryers are best. KENWOOD(have twin basket)

About my Airfryer, It’s a TEFAL 4.2 Liters with Digital Touch, It was gifted by my friend. almost 4 & 1/2 years not till now it working well & too good results.

All About Air Fryer, A Quick Guide:

How to clean Air Fryer?

  1. Unplug the air fryer and allow it to cool.
  2. We can clean the basket by using regular dish wash liquid or soap, if it is very sticky we can clean it by pouring some hot water leaving it for a few mins, and then washing it.
  3. We can’t remove the heating element & clean so using a toothbrush we can clean it. If you don’t clean your air fryer regularly, oil can build up, turn sticky, and be hard to clean up. Remember that every brand is different, so refer to your manual for the proper instructions — some air fryers might have removable parts that are dishwasher-safe, but others do not.

Time Chart:

Cauliflower 65/Kurkure Bindi/bitter gourd chips200c15 mins
Tandoori/ grilled Vegetables200c20 mins
Paneer Tikka200c10 mins
Felafel170c15 mins
Tofu(cubed)190c19 mins
Tacos shell177c19 mins
Pizza 200c15 mins
Hard Boiled Egg200c5 mins
Beets/Potato/Sweet potato chips/kale177c200 mins
Beans/Asparagus/cauliflower/bok choy200c7 mins
Squash/carrot/zucchini/marrow/bell pepper170c17 mins
donut200c15 mins
Cookies200c20 mins
Mug Cake200c5 mins
Cup Cakes200c15mins
Pizza200 c15 mins
Roasted Peanuts150c15 mins
Patties/Cutlet/kebabs200 c15 mins

These are the timing I follow, mostly I prefer to set the time manually. I don’t use Auto. If you need to know the timing for a particular dish comment below will share.

Air Fryer Accessories:

All accessories I purchased on Amazon, before buying the accessories please check the size of your air fryer, mine is 7 inches. So I got Toworld 8 PCS Air Fryer Accessories

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Hope this post will help you use Air Fryer wisely at Home. If you have any Doubts about cleaning or If you want any specific Air Fryer recipes you can email me at cpremas79@gmail.com. Do Follow me on Instagram for more Recent updates and every cooking recipe video

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Thanks & Have a Good Day! 😉Enjoy Cooking and Cleaning!

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