Vegetable Biryani, Gobi 65, Raita, Indian Lunch Box Combo

Simple Vegetable Biryani recipe, Gobi 65 using an Air fryer, Creamy onion Raita quickly make at home in under 45 mins. This Lunch Box Combo has my❤️ because it is the ultimate combo without any effort, very easy to make. Simple Meal Preps on weekends make our work very Easy. Vegetable biryani is everyone’s favorite kids to adults love it. There is no special side dish required for vegetable biryani but onion raita is more than enough. So I choose one Day vegetable on my weekly menu. Gobi 65 is made in an air fryer so it doesn’t need any more frying time. Altogether I finished this in 30 to 40 mins. Let’s see the Indian Lunch Box Combo.

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Vegetable Biryani Recipe:

There are 2 types of Vegetable biryani recipe I want to share,

Type:1 Vegetable Biryani, one is simple vegetable biryani that you can make with seraga samba rice or basmati rice, But this is Tamilnadu-style vegetable biryani with more vegetables. you definitely love this biryani. As Usual, I cut and store the vegetables the previous night and made this biryani. This Biryani includes gobi, beans carrots, and green peas or you can add any vegetables of your choice. If you try this biryani, please try it with seeraga samba rice taste is vera level.

Type:2 Vegetable Biryani Recipe, This biryani is very famous in marriages, a little elaborate vegetable biryani type because you need to grind a masala paste. Also, this biryani is no onion and Garlic, very tasty biryani variety. But as I said before if you have chopped vegetables handy you can make this biryani in under 45 mins.

These are the simple Vegetable Biryani Varieties that you must try! Let’s see How I made the Gobi 65 in Airfryer.

How to make Gobi 65 in Airfyer without oil:

I always prefer frying any type of 65 in Airfyer because it saves our time and also the stoves are busy in the morning making rice on one side, coffee on the other so I prefer to choose airfyer you no need pay attention, just mix the masala and keep inside set the time that’s it. Also, I made this gobi 65 using the Homemade Gobi 65 masala Powder Do check the detailed recipe video below.

Do try this Lunch Box Combo this week and let me know your Feedback!

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These are some of the recipe Ideas for Lunch Box on weekdays for kids and Adults, Plan your menu on weekends and enjoy cooking!

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