Kalchatti(Soapstonewares) Seasoning for first-time use, Cleaning After Cooking & Maintenance, FAQ

KalChatti(Soap Stoneware) Seasoning at Home a Detailed & Traditional Step-by-Step Guide with Video, Cleaning, and Care. Discover what Soap Stone Cookware is, why it’s important and how to maintain a well-seasoned KalChatti for decades of cooking. soapstone cookwares are something similar to Ammikal(grinding stones) we need to season them before cooking. Seasoning gives an easy nonsticky finish and makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. This Seasoning Process is a little time-consuming but worth it. No Special tools required to season the Kal chatti, Just a Tbsp of Turmeric and Castor Oil is more than enough to Season your Soap Stone Cookware at Home!

To be honest, I am the first person to use the Kal Chatti in my Family. No Patti or Kollu Patti Pass on this cookware. Amma was living in Malaysia for almost 25 yrs after marriage she never gets a chance to use Kal Chatti. Actually, I bought her a Kal Chatti from Sri Rangam Temple, and then she started using it. I have 2 Kal Chattis in my Indian home both I bought 12 yrs back from Sri Rangangam temple shops. I have seasoned them and it works well till now. I didn’t bring them here because we keep on transferring to countries, and it is tough to carry them along. But finally, I brought some because I miss something in the kitchen. My kitchen is a typical south Indian kitchen filled with ammikal, Mann chattis, Brass, and Copper Items so I want Kal Chatti to be a part of my kitchen. If you are reading my blog for a long you may know that I have uploaded the Seasoning of Cookwares on my Youtube Channel, If not Do check the below links,

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What is Kal Chatti(Soap Stoneware)?

Kal Chatti is a Tamil Name for Soap Stone Cookware, They are hand carved from soapstone rocks that are found in the Namakkal region of Tamil Nadu. The soapstone is a magnesium-rich stone. It’s a natural, dense, yet soft stone, which is composed of the mineral talc and is rich in magnesium. These stones are craved to make cookware. They come in different shapes and sizes. The Ready to use Soap Stone Cookware is easily available in the Market. Also, unseasoned Soap Stoneware needs seasoning.

What is KalChatti(Soap Stone) seasoning?

Seasoning is a process called polymerization. Seasoning the Kal chatti with Castor oil and Turmeric make the stone more stonger and also helps prevent it from breaking while cooking, ensure it’s longevity. The turmeric is believed to make the pot less fragile and more stronger. There is a Saying ‘Turmeric Cures Everything’ not only wounds of our body.

Why Soap Stone Cookware in Indian Cooking?

  1. It is Natural way of cooking, 100% eco-friendly. It doesn’t donot kills the nutritional values of the food.
  2. They retain heat for a very long time. Gives Extradinary taste to the food!
  3. The basic principle when it comes to cookware is to use a heavy base utensil that helps in even heat distribution and cooking.
  4. Soapstone is a soft rock, full of rare minerals and it enhances the taste of the food cooked in it with all the goodness. Do we need More reasons to cook Food in a Soap stone Cookware?


Step by Step Procedure for Kal Chatti Seasoning:

  1. Take your new unseasoned Kal Chatti, wash it with normal water and then dry it.
  2. Take 2 tbsp of Turmeric Powder(manjal thool), mix it with 2 tbsp of Castor Oil(vilakkeennai), make a paste and then apply all over the new kal chatti. Keep it for 4 to 5 days. Let it to dry.
  1. After 4 to 5 days wash it with normal water, if it is too stinky use lemon and scrub it.
  2. Now add starch water(kanji thanni) keep in low flame let it boil. Once boiled switch off the stove keep the water soak it for overnight. Next day discard the water and rinse with normal water.
  3. Again one more time repeat boiling with starch water rest it overnight and sicard the water wash and keep.
  4. The Kal chatti is now ready to use. For first time start cooking rice, rasam, sambar and then slowly introduce tempering based cooking!

How to Use Soap Stone Cookeware? Do’ & Don’t:

  1. If you buy a soap stone cookware from shop if it is un seasoned, we need to season it first before we start cooking. Follow the Sesaoning method and watch the video how to season and then start cooking.
  2. Once seasoning done, start making stew, rice, rasam or curries Just don’t do tempering directly when the pot is new, it is a sudden shock we are giving them slowly introduce high heat and then use for normal cooking.
  3. Strictly no soap or dish wash liquids.
  4. Always cook in low heat or medium heat not in high heat.


  1. How you are using Soap Stone Cookware on an Induction Stove? My stove is a hot plate hob, not induction so any flat base cookware will work on my stove.
  2. Does the Soap Stone Cookware works on Induction? The key difference between a hotplate and an induction cooker is that the hotplate uses heat produced by either electricity or gas for the cooking, whereas the induction cooker uses radiation to cook. A traditional clay pot or Soap stone pot will not work on an induction stove.
  3. We can cook Tamarind based Gravy or Tomatoes in Soap stone: Yes we can cook.
  4. Will the colour get change(black) if we make Poriyal or Kootu: No the colour will not get change. Even after cooking you no need to transfer to so other bowl it work like a casserole. The hotness of the food stay for 2 to 3 hours.
  5. Is it safe to use if they have minute crack or whole, Actually they have porous and lines which appear like cracks which are not cracks in reality. They are called as Kallu Kodi, much similar to Thoppul Kodi (the umbilical cord) which is like the lifeline of the rock. But it is safe to use make sure that you are seasoning them often.
  6. We can wash the kal chatti in dish washer? I will say BIG NO, we should not wash in dishwasher it may have high chances to break.

My Kal Chatti Collections & the Links to buy them:

The two Kadai Shaped Chattis from Earth & Ethics, one is 10 inch and the small one is 8 inch here is the link to buy Kadai Kal Chatti

Soap Stone Curd making Jar, Curd Making Pot.

New Bowl Shaped Pot for making Curry Rasam, Sambar Ancient Journey By Pavani

Hope this post will help you use & Season Soapstone Cookware at Home. If you have any Doubts about cleaning or If you want any specific soapstone pot recipes you can email me at cpremas79@gmail.com. Do Follow me on Instagram for more Recent updates and every cooking recipe video

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