3 easy step to make tamarind paste (extract) at home


Tamarind (puli) is a fruit that has a lot of big seeds and pith. They get processed into a paste that is alternatively called pulp or Extract. Most of the Kuzhambu Recipes call for Tamarind extract, It may be worth making the Tamarind paste at home rather than the ready made  paste. Also, we can use whatever we want and no pre-preparation required if we keep this handy in the fridge. It is really a unique flavor, let’s check how to make tamarind pulp in 3 easy steps. This post will help you the exact tamarind paste measurement in spoons.


This is tamarind in its original state. It can be processed  and used for cooking. Mom usually buys the whole pod and then processed it and use that for cooking.It’s a very big process need more patients.
I usually buy the block form and use what I need while the rest of the pods remain in the refrigerator. If we want to use the pods we need soak it in water half an hour before we use and then we use for cooking. sometimes if we forgot to soak we can’t cook immediately so to reduce the processing time if we make and keep this so easy to making anything very quick and easily.
You need:
250 g Tamarind
1 cup water
Yields: 200g pulp (approximately)

These steps will help you to make the tamarind pulp or tamarind paste easily.


Add the Tamarind(puli) and water in the pressure cooker and boil it. Keep three whistle and then remove it from the stove, let it cool for some time.After few minutes using a ladle just smash and it.
Step:2 & 3


Transfer the paste into a stainer and stain it, press it so that we can get all the extract. If you want the more pulp remove the seeds from the strained waste and grind it in mixie and use it.
Store tamarind pulp in the fridge and take required amount whenever required.


You might have seen in my kuzhambu recipes, I used to call for tamarind as lime sized balls or gooseberry sized balls, so refer the below exact measurement for the tamarind paste:
  • Lime: This size would be about 1.4 inches diameter so the tamarind extract in the spoon is 1-1/2 Tablespoons (our tablespoons, not Australian).
  • Golf Ball: This size would be 1.7 inches diameter,  2-7/8 Tablespoons.
  • Gooseberry size: This size would be about 1 inch diameter so the tamarind extract in the spoon is 1/2-1 Tablespoon.

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