Varalakshmi Vratham / Varalakshmi Pooja 2021, How to do Varalakshmi Nombu for Beginners

Varalakshmi Pooja 2021, How to do Varalakshmi Vratham, for Beginners. If you want to Perform Varalakshmi Pooja in your home, this is your first time then this post will help you to do Varalakshmi Nombu without any difficulties. Simple Varalakshmi Vratam Pooja Procedures, Varalakshmi Pooja Preparation, Varalakshmi Pooja date, Varalakshmi Vratam Prasadham, all shared in this Post.

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I started doing this Pooja after Marriage. This is the 16th year I am doing Varalakshmi Pooja at home. Last year I didn’t do as my FIL passed away. That one-year ritual is all over now, this year I am going to continue this Pooja. Amma doesn’t do this Pooja and MIL is an Iyengar she also doesn’t do this Pooja. In my own interest, I have started Doing it. After I started doing this Pooja I believed that things were going smoothly and Positively in my life. Having my own personal experience I am sharing what i known. It would be helpful for the beginners who want to do Varalakshmi pooja this year 2021.

What is Varalakshmi Vratham / Varalakshmi Pooja?

Varalakshmi Pooja is a Prayer to the Goddess Lakshmi. Varalakshmi is the God who grants boons (“Varam in Tamil”). Whoever doing this Pooja with full pledged God will grant their Boon. It is believed that the Goddess will stay in our home during the pooja and she will grant our boons.

Why we need to Perform Varalakshmi Pooja?

Each and everyone has their own reasons to perform Varalakshmi pooja. commonly people will say that by doing this pooja we will get a lot of wealth, people who don’t have kids will do this pooja, People who are not married also do this Pooja to get a good husband. I will say that without any expectations and complete devotion if we pray to God we will get everything whatever we want.

Now you know what is Varalakshmi Pooja,

Fequently Asking questions I wanted to answer for beginners.

  1. Who can Perform this Pooja? If your ancestors are performing this pooja then you can continue doing this pooja. Also If you have self interest you want to do Pooja you can also do it. All we need is Faith towards God.
  2. Do we need to take pooja from the priets first time? Usually for the first time we need start it from the priest or any women doing the pooja they can also start for us. But if we are living in abroad no one is there to start the pooja just keep your mother in mind and start doing it. Mother is the God, Guru Everything!
  3. We can do Varalakshmi Pooja with Periods? No we can’t do it with Periods.
  4. Do we need to fast on this day? Yes we need to Fast on this day, it is good to do Pooja with Fasting( check below fasting procedures). After Pooja we can have fruits, milk or Prasadam. If you are Diebetic or taking Pills you can have something and do Pooja.
  5. Can we can Prepare the Prasadam on the previous day? No we can do decorations or simple preparation the previous day but we should not prepare the prashantham the previous day.
  6. Once we started doing the Pooja we should not stop? Doing this pooja is completely for our family welfare, it’s not like if we stop doing it is not good for the family. For some reason if we aren’t able to perform this pooja we can continue doing it next year with no issues on that.
  7. What to do if no amman face, or kalasam? One Lakshmi Photo is enough to do Lakshmi Pooja.

Varalakshmi Pooja 2012 Date,

Usually, Varalakshmi Pooja will come a day before Pornami(full moon day), this year Varalakshmi pooja 2021 falls on the 20th Friday.

Varalakshmi Pooja Timing 2012,

According to Panchangam, these are timing good to perform Varalakshmi Pooja,

IST Morning 05:55 AM to 07:58 AM, (afternoon) – 12:27 PM to 02:44 PM, (evening) – 06:34 PM to 08:05 PM

Things required to do Varalakshmi Pooja,

1. Amman Face or Lakshmi Photo, For kalasam, 1 coconut, Inside the kalasam we can put water+lemon+1 dollar coin, turmeric, or rice.

2. one banana leaf or a plate with 3 pits full of raw rice(this is to keep kalasam on top),

3. beetle leaves with nuts(kottai pakku), coconut

4. mixed fruits, flowers(some loose flowers for pooja, tied flowers for Amman), cotton Mala

5. 1 packet turmeric powder, 1 packet kunkumam,

6. Vilakku(lamp) with thiri & oil, camphor a matchbox,

7. Saree or dress for Amman

8. Nombu Saradu ( yellow rope with a small flower tied in the middle of each rope)

9. Neivedyam(check the neivedyam recipes below)

All mentioned items are required But if you are going to do it for the first time just buy a Lakshmi Photo, it may be a single Lakshmi photo or Ashtalakshmi photo, beetle leaves, flower, fruits, vilakku with thiri, oil camphor and simple neivedyam.

Varalakshmi Pooja Pre Preparations,

If Friday is the Varalakshmi Pooja means we can do some preparations on Thursday itself like clean the pooja place, wash all pooja items, we can keep haldi kumkum(manjal kungumam) for all the items, including kalasam, amman face

You can draw rangoli(kolam), decorate the place where you are going to keep the amman

keep ready the amman decoration items, like mala, saree and everything.

plan what you are going to make for neivedyam and keep ready the things for that.

Varalakshmi Vratham/Pooja Procedure:

  1. Wake Up little early and take Bath, First things are to make sure the pooja place is clean and we put kolam(rangoli) on that. Take kalasam, if you have silver(velli) kalasam use it or you can use brass also but not the stainless steel. Put 1 dollar or 1 rupee coin, 1 piece manjal, 1 lemon, fill water till the neck of the kalasam. you can add elachi(elakkai) + Pachai Karpooram to that water for fragrant. Now kalasam ready. Some people fill kalasam with rice, as per your wish you can do it.
  2. Take one banana leaf or a silver plate, add 3 pits full of raw rice, and spread it. On top of the rice, keep the kalasam.
  3. Take a coconut, wash it, apply turmeric powder and keep manjal and kungumam, if you get mango leaves keep it on top of the kalasam, and place the coconut also.
  4. Now place the Amman Face on coconut, do some simple decoration, you can tie new clothes for Amman, if you have some jewels you can put, decorate with flowers. Now keep the nombu saradu on amman.
  5. All set now we can start pooja, keep all the things near you once you start doing the pooja you should not get up in between.
  6. Start with Vinayagar Pooja. If you have a vinayagar idol at home you can keep it or take turmeric powder, add little water and make a small mountain, this is manjal vinayagar. Keep the manjal vinayagar on betel leaf, keep manjal kumkumam, flowers for vinayagar, now chant 108 Names of Ganesha while chanting put flowers for manjal vinayagar after that Nanavidha Parimala Patra Pushpani samarpayami, and keep a betel leaves with nut & banana, saying that Nivedhanam Samarpayami. Now we have Completed Ganesh Pooja.
  7. Next is kalasa pooja, chant the Kalasa Pooja Mantra, next is Lakshmi Pooja Chat Lakshmi Ashtothram, Lalitha Sahasaranamam, once you finished chanting the mantras, we need to offer naivedyam, take water from panchathanthiram circle three time clock wise and say nivedhanam samarpayami.
  8. Now Show Deepam arathanai again.
  9. Take the Saravadu, we need to tie the saradu on hand or next, all married women, kanyas(girls above 1yr) can tie the saradu, while tieing the saradu say this ” Navathanthu Samayuktham Navakranthi Samanvitham  Pathneeyam thakshanye hasthey thoragam harivallabey“ and pray for the family peace, unity, prosperity, wealth.
  10. We came to end of the pooja, call some sumangali give thambolam, preferably small girls and elder women, Amman will come to our home in any Rupam whoever coming to the house, give something to and give simple gifts to them. Basically you can give vethalai paakku with banana, a blouse bit, for girls stationaries, coloring books, clips, stickers like that. Same day Night Do Aarathi.
  11. Next day Morning, bath and then change the flowers, make simple neivedhyam chant lalithasaharsanamam and Lakshmi Ashtothram, do Deepa arathi. Move the Amman to North Direction and finish the pooja. If you filled the kalasam with water sprinkle the water all over the house and people in the house by doing this we consider amman is staying with us. If you filled the kalasam with rice, mix the rice with our cooking rice. We should not empty the rice vessel if you buy the new rice mix with it. This denotes Lakshmi is staying in our house for ever.

Varalakshmi Vratham / Varalakshmi Pooja Neivedhyam.

For Varalakshmi Vratham / Varalakshmi Pooja the main Neivedhayam is Kozhukattai(modhak), Paruppu Payasam, Pacharisi Idli, Sundal, Vadai(without onion), Poornalu, these are main items, other than that we can also offer Sakkarai Pongal, appam, Puliyodharai. If you can’t able to many items just Cook raw rice with dal offer it with ghee. Whatever we serve with Devation Lakshmi will accept.

Hope this Post will be helpful. Thanks for reading the Post very Patiently!

Happy Varalakshmi Pooja For Everyone!!

Have a Good Day!

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