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Fresh Dates Recipe

Fresh Dates Recipe Ideas, How to buy Fresh dates, What is the calories of fresh dates, Who can consume the fresh dates, Dates fruit health benefits, how to store them? You can get answers for all the question on this page. I just wanted to share my personal experience with the fresh dates. Fresh dates are very good for any health-conscious individuals and not just for those with diabetes. These Fresh dates are from Qatar, DH brought it. It was packed nicely in a cute bamboo basket, more than the dates I love the bamboo basket. Silly me(a typical food blogger mind)  😉

I have tasted the Fresh dates after coming to Dubai, I never tasted it before. on my first attempt, I totally don’t like the taste it tastes bitter and crunchy. I told am not going to eat them in the future. But DH likes the taste and he buys them whenever he finds it in stores. slowly I also started to have them. It helped me a lot while I was dieting. whenever am carving for some snacks simply I have this. There are so many varieties of dates If we choose proper dates variety, am sure you won’t stop munching them. It will become your favorite snack. And also it’s very cheap here the Price of Fresh Dates per kg is almost 8 to 10 AED.

We can find Fresh dates, people selling them on the roadside in India. Most don’t know that its a dates fruit people think that those are some wired fruit variety but it’s not.

How to buy the Fresh dates,

As I said before choosing the best dates variety is important.

how to choose fresh dates

There are some stages of Fresh dates like raw dates which are green in color and taste bitter. In the yellow stage, it is crunchy and tastes sweet. Next stage is ripening, skin looks soft and tastes very sweet. after that it will start to dry, skin looks shrink and taste sweet. If you want to buy dates for snacking try to buy the yellow dates and no black dots on the skin.

Fresh Dates Calorie is approximately 1 cup of serving dates contains about 110g carbohydrates, 415 calories, and 95g sugar.

Some Fresh Dates Recipe Ideas,

  1. Fresh Dates Fruit Salad: Chop the fresh dates into small pieces. add a tsp of honey. A tsp of vanilla essence. Also, you can add some chopped banana, apple or any fruits of your choice. Dates Fruit salad is ready.
  2. Fresh dates Pickle: Clean the dates and wipe it with a towel. Remove the pits from the fresh dates. Take a jar and add dates into it, add salt, vinegar, and sugar. Keep it in room temperature for 2 days Dates Pickle is ready.
  3. other than this we can add them in smoothies, oatmeal.

Health Benefits:

Dates are loaded with antioxidants and are fat-free and cholesterol-free which is good for any health-conscious individuals and not just for those with diabetes.

Fresh Dates are an extra burst of energy on those lethargic days. Next time if you see the dates on stores do get and try them.

Do share your thought How you will eat the fresh dates and also your fresh dates recipes.

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