Suzhiyan/Suzhiyam/Maida Sweet Balls Video updated

Suzhiyan/Suzhiyam recipe is the traditional sweet which can be prepared during deepavali day.I have some left over puranam after prepared kozhukattai So i used that for preparing suzhiyan/Suzhiyam. This suzhiyam is made of Madai Flour, little rice flour and sweet kadalai parauppu puranam stuffed inside. This Madai Sweet Balls are the one must present in all the south indian breakfast during the deepavali day. In this recipe i have updated the video.

ForOuter Covering Suzhiyan/ Suzhiyam:
1 cup all purpose flour (maida)
1 tbsp rice flour
A pinch Baking Soda
A pinch Salt
1/3 cup water(approximately)
oil for deep frying

For Filling:
1 cup Channa dal
1/2 cup grated jaggery
1/4 cup grated coconut
A pinch cardamom powder


step by step photos of suzhiyam recipe:

  • Please check the method of preparation of Puranam(filling) Here.
  • Make small gooseberry sized balls and keep aside.Heat the oil in a kadai.Let us Prepare the Batter for covering.
  • Add the all purpose flour(maida),rice flour,Baking Soda,salt and water in a mixing bowl and mix them well without lumps.
  • The batter should not be too thick or thin.It should be like dosa batter.Dip the Ball in the batter.
  • Drop the balls Carefully into the oil,turn both side and fry well.
  • Take the Suzhiyan out from the oil and drain it in a kitchen towel.
Here is our Suzhiyan is ready,no need to wait till deepavali day…Never mind to enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee:)

My sis love to have puranam alone but my fav is that the crispy part…Do try this crispy and yummy sweet and Enjoy the day:)

Suzhiyan/Suzhiyam Recipe Video:

Happy  Onam to all My Friends!!!

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  1. Wow! I’ve never had these before, but they look amazing! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more of your delicious recipes! Have a GREAT day!

  2. After 2 or 3 hops into ur blog, now only i realised i havn’t followed u yet. Did it now and this recipe reminds me of my childhood during which my granny prepares this dish often. Love it absolutely.


  3. Oh, what a fabulous idea!! We make gujiya with khoya/mava but never thought of dipping it in a batter and making balls off of them. This one’s bookmarked and will be making it soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. wow, looks good, in kerala we have similar snaxs called sukhiyan (for filling boiled green gram mix with jaggery and grated coconut), great, I am ur follower now. keep it up.

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