Cast Iron Dosa Tawa(pre-seasoned), How to choose, Clean, and Maintain Cast Iron dosa Tawa

Looking for a good cast Iron Dosa Tawa? and Confused to choose which one is good or How to choose a good one then this post is for you. Not only cast Iron Dosa Tawa Suggestion but also “HOW TO CLEAN A CAST IRON DOSA TAWA” “HOW TO MAINTAIN” and “HOW TO MAKE PERFECT DOSA” If you missed How to Season Paniyaram Pan Please check this post will be helpful for beginners.

Dosa Tawa(Irumbu Dosa Kallu) Recommendations For Crispy And Sumptuous Dosas At Home. After sharing a few dosa posts on the story, everyone started asking for the dosa kallu recommendation. Being an idli fan dosa is not my cup of coffee because if i started making dosa countlessly it will go till lunch. So I try to avoid making dosa, until I buy these dosa Tawa. 

My first Dosa Tawa from @earthandethics was purchased almost 4 years back and the second one is lodge tawa @ancientjournerybypavani both the kallu are my favourites. Whenever I plan for dosa, I put both at the same time and make dosa. So that I can close the dosa kadai soon. Both the tawa doesn’t need seasoning. It’s already seasoned. Even Though I haven’t used this dosa tawa for the past 2 months, it works well without any seasoning and no rust!

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Benefits & Importance of Cast Iron Cookware:

  1. Cooking with cast iron is a natural way to add moreIRON to your diet. People who have deficinecy like  iron deficiency anemia by cooking with cast iron, they will get Iron naturally without taking pills.
  2. No Nasty chemical like non stick pans, they are naturally hand crated and seasoned with natural oils.

My Dosa Tawa and Sizes:

As I said before I have 2 dosa tawa the one with both sides handles works well in an electric stove, a gas stove, and an induction stove. This dosa tawa is 12 inches in diameter and 4.2 mm in thickness weight is 3kg.

This tawa is from Lodge and its size is 10.5 Inches, 1.7kg, Gas & Induction-Friendly.

How to choose a good dosa tawa?

  • I always prefer pre-seasoned cast iron tawa, which works both on induction and gas stoves.
  • Tawa Surface Should be rough, not polished like a non-stick tawa, it should be dark brown not black after regular use the tawa turns black.
  • The size of the tawa is also important, choose the one which fits your burner, if it is too big the corners will not cook. (10 inches is good for beginners)
  • Choose the tawa with the right thickness, if the tawa is very thin it affects the heat distribution and overall cooking performance. (mine is 4mm)
  • Choose the handle type which would be convenient for you.

How to make Dosa in Cast Iron Tawa?

  • Heat the dosa tawa on medium heat not low or high.
  • Before making the dosa the tawa should be well heated to check just sprinkle some water on the dosa tawa you should hear the sizzling sound then the tawa is ready to make the dosa.
  • Apply a thin oil coating or you can use onion to grease the Tawa, Add a ladle of dosa batter and spread it even round.
  • Drizzle some oil or ghee, wait for 5 to 10 seconds or the corners should turn golden, and then flip the other side and cook.
  • that’s it crispy and golden homemade dosas are ready to serve!

How to clean a Cast Iron Dosa Tawa after cooking?

Don’t use dishwashing liquid or soap to clean the dosa tawa, after making the dosa just wipe it with a clean tissue or kitchen towel and apply a thin oil coating and keep in the side.

7 mistakes you should avoid while using the cast iron dosa tawa:

  1. Always pre-heat before making dosa, if the dosa kal is not in proper heat the dosa will stick on the tawa
  2. The batter should be room temperature, if you use the batter directly from the fridge the dosa will not cook properly or sometimes burn.
  3. Always grease the tawa before u make dosa, greasing it with onion, will enhance the taste of dosa.
  4. Don’t pour oil on hot tawa and then add batter, the batter can’t be able to spread evenly because of the hot oil, always greasing is the best method.
  5. Flip only if one is turning golden, if still white if you try to take it out from the tawa the dosa will be started to tear.
  6. After making the dosa don’t wash it with dishwashing liquid, just wipe and apply oil, and keep it inside.
  7. always hang the pan or keep it on a piece of paper Don’t keep it directly on the kitchen cabinet the rust will appear on the down layer.

Hope this post will help you to find good dosa tawa. If you have any Doubts about cleaning or If you want any specific dosa recipes you can email me at Do Follow me on Instagram for more Recent updates and every cooking recipe video

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Thanks & Have a Good Day! 😉Enjoy Cooking and Cleaning!

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