Aadi 18 Date| Aadi Perukku| Pathinettam Perukku Pandigai

Aadi 18, Pathinettam Perukku


Aadi 18 2017 , Aadi Perukku | Pathinettam Perukku(monsoon festival) is 3rd August 2017. The Auspicious time to Celebrate Aadi 18 (pathinettam perukku) is 12:30 pm to 1.30 pm. Wishing you all a very Happy Aadi Perukku! Save Water!  Do check the Varalakshmi Pooja Time and Procedure Here. As we all know aadi perukku festival is celebrated for giving tribute to the water. Most of the Tamilians houses Aadi Perukku festival has been celebrated every year during the aadi masam(tamil month).  The reason to call the festival as aadi 18 is we are celebrating the festival on the 18th day of the aadi month. Mostly in Aadi month, all the rivers are filled with water and the rainy season starts but this time very less in Tamil Nadu so water also very less in all the rivers.

That is another story, I still remember my grandma took us to the Cauvery river which very close to us. We all celebrated the Aadi 18 in the bank of the river Cauvery. In my mom’s period we find difficult to go the river she did pooja at home just near the well. Now am doing this pooja just near the bore well. Not sure how my kids will do. Lesson learnt from this water is the source of our life. We need to save it for our future generation.

Pooja Procedure and Neivedyam differs people to people so am just share how we are celebrating at my home. Since being in India this year plans to do it very grand. Actually, the preparations are going on just a day before. Few things I will buy usually like kothalai karugamani(you can that in the plate on top of the fruits) is very important, fruits, bettle leaves(vetrilai), saradu etc. Water is the god and we perform pooja for that only. We can do it in the bank of the river or in fornt of water in a container. Any form of water is good for this occasion.

This day is good to start any thing. This year am doing aadi perukku in our newly constructed home. The first festival in our India House. Am very happy to do this pooja.

As i said earlier it depends on What to prepare for neivedyam, we can keep fruits alone. My mom Prepare Kapparisi also will update the recipe while making it.Some people prepare variety rice.

The Neivedyam Recipes For Aadi 18,

  1. Lemon Rice
  2. Curd Rice
  3. Puyodarai/Pulikachal
  4. Cittrazon Rice/ Narthangai Sadam
  5. thengai Sadam
  6. Sakkarai pongal
  7. Vadai
  8. Avial

Pathinettam Perukku, Aadi 18 date

Happy Aadi Perukku To all !!!

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