10 Easy vathal | vadam | Vadagam Recipes

10 Easy Vathal Recipe

Here you can get the recipe for 10 easy vathal or vadam or vadagam like Arisi Koozh Vadam,Pakoda (killu) vadam,Javvarisi Vadam, Thalippu Vengaya vadagam, Mor Milagai , Manthakalli Vathal,Sundakkai Vathal, Maa Vathal,kothavarangai vathal and Kathirikai vathal. Click the title for recipes with step by step photos.

1. Arisi koozh Vadam ,How to make? What we need? Do’s and don’t :

Koozh Vathal

How to make Arisi koozh vadam or Arisi koozh vathal or Rice vadam, this can be made either by 2 ways, both the versions are published at my website. The first version is very easy one no soaking method is involved, i used rice flour and sago flour mixed with chilly paste and boiled in hot water. The second version is soaking the rice overnight and then grind it into a smooth paste and then mix with sago flour.I feel that both the version are too good and i don’t find any difficulties in making them.

What do we need? Before start making the rice vathal or  vadam we should keep in mind that which mold we are going to use. To make koozh vadam we need murukku presser it looks like the below pic and it has many molds you can try with different molds.

Murukku Press

Do’s and Don’t,

  • The amount of water depends on the quality of rice and sago, so keep in reserve some hot water. If the prepared batter is too thick then add the hot water and mix it well.
  • Adding lemon juice give the koozh tangy taste, after cooling.
  • Instead of rice flour the raw rice can be soaked and grind it to a paste and used.
  • If you are using cotton cloth for squeezing, sprinkle water to remove the dried vadams from the cloth for easy removal and dry it completely.
  • While squeezing if you find it is very hard to do then take the flour out and then add little hot water mix again.Then fill it in murukku press and press it.
  • Don’t drop the hot dough into presser, it can’t press the presser if it is very hot.
  • Make the dough without lumps because if you use any minute  hole mold, the dough will not flow continuously.

2. Pakoda Vadam or Killu vadam or Killu vathal, How to make? What we need? Do’s and don’t ‘s :

Pakoda (killu) Vathal

How to make Pakoda Vadam, this  vadam can be made with the leftover rice if you have leftover rice at home try this or use the cooked rice soak overnight. Fennel seeds and shallot flavor gives the vadam extra taste so don’t skip it.

We don’t need any special tools or achu or mold to make this vadam, just our hands do this magic.That’s why it is named as killu vadam/vathal.
Do’s and don’t:

  • You need hot sun to make this vathal, you can keep it on balcony or terrace too.
  • if you have leftover rice at home try this or use the cooked rice soak overnight.
  • Try to use shallots, if you can’t get then use big onion also.
  • Keep this vathal in the hot sun for 2-3 days until it dry completely.
  • Store it in a dry place in airtight container.

3. Sago Vathal or Javvarisi Vadam or Sabudhanu vathal, How to make? What do we need? Do’s and don’t ‘s:

Javvarisi vathal

Preparation of Javvarisi Vadam or Sago Vathal is the most easiest of all the vathal or vadam Recipes. Need to choose good sago variety, not the nylon sago.If we use the nice variety we can make it perfectly.

We don’t need any special tool to make the sago vadam, just the heavy bottom vessel, ladle and the a spoon is enough to make this.

Do’s and don’t:

  • Keep 1 or 2 cups of hot water beside with you, while boiling the sago.In case, if you need more water, you can add, as the water differs according to the quality of sago used.
  • While dropping the vathal dough in the cloth make it as thin as possible.If you make thick, it will take so much time to dry and also it will not get fry while frying in oil.
  • The drying time may differ, according to the outside temperature.
  • Adding colors are optional.if we add colors, kids would love them and take them as snacks also.
  • While taking out from the cloth or plastic sheet, if you sprinkle a little water over them it will come out easily from the cloth.
4. How to make Mor Milagai  or Thanjavur Mor Milagai:

Mor Milagai

Get the good quality chillies and separate the spoiled once.clean and wash it, pat it with a cloth. Once dried split it and soaking mor (butter milk).Make it dry outside till it dry completely.

We don’t need any special to make more milagai choose the good quality one.

Do’s and don’t:

  • Use the homemade Curd for the preparation because we will get the thick curd with much cream/butter in it, which will reduce the heat of the chilies.
  • You can use any variety of chilies but use good quality ones.
5. How to make Maa Vathal or Raw Mango vathal or Mangai vathal :

Maa Vathal

Maa Vathal is a vathal made with raw mango, cut them into medium sized pieces add rock salt and half boil it.Then spread it in a tray/ a clean cloth and sundry it.

Do’s and Don’t:

  • Use raw mangoes.Ripe mangoes give both tangy and sweet taste and also sometimes while boiling it will start melt so try to use raw mangoes.
  • Half boil the mangoes don’t boil it fully.
  • It may take at least 2-3 days to dry.

6. How to make kothavarangai vathal , kothara vathal , sundried Cluster bean (guar beans in Hindi):

kothavarangai vathal

Select fresh and a little-matured cluster beans for making vathal. Do not buy tender ones.Bring water to boil in a pan, add salt needed. When water starts boiling, add the cluster beans and cook on medium flame. Switch off.You just have to blanch the cluster beans. Do not over cook. once it cools down, spread the cluster beans on a cloth and let it dry.

Do’s and Don’t:

  • Use the matured beans, don’t choose the tender ones because sometimes while boiling it will start melt so try to use matured ones.
  • Half boil them don’t boil it fully.
  • It may take at least 2-3 days to dry.

7. How to make Sundakkai Vathal or Sundried turkey berry:

Sundakkai Vathal

Wash the turkey berry and remove its head.Use the mortar pestle and break it slightly.Add it to the boiling water.once it changes the color take it out.Do not over cook. once it cools down, spread the cluster beans on a cloth and let it dry.

Do’s and Don’t:

  • Half boil them don’t boil it fully.
  • It may take at least 2-3 days to dry.

8. How to make Manathakkali vathal or  chenarikkai vathal or Kaachi Soppu or Solanum nigrum

Manathakali  Vathal

We should not boil them because it has too many health benefits so just add the salt and keep it for 2 hrs and then dry it in sunlight.

9. vendakkai vathal or sundried ladies finger and kathiri vathal or brinjal vathal :

Kathiri Vathal

  • Wash and Cut the brinjal and raw mango into medium sized cubes.
  • Drop it into the same boil water.No need cook for long,just the colour started changes,take it out.

10. Vengaya Vadagam or thalippu vengaya vadagam or Thalippu vadagam:

Thalippu Vengaya Vadam

This has 2 versions ,Chop the shallots ,garlic and curry leaves finely and then mix the spices.Spread it in a plate and keep it for a day in sunlight. or Put all the ingredients together in a mixer grinder or food processor and grind,just coarsely.Then spread onto a white cloth and expose to sunlight.Add the castor oil and make the ball ,again keep in sunlight ,till it becomes dry completely.

Plan what you are going to make for this summer. Do drop a comment below which is your favourite vadam?

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