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Sathu Mavu
Sathu Mavu is nothing but Health mix powder which can be consumed by 6 months to 60 year old people. As it has all the essential components for good health and overall it is good for child development.I have started giving this for Aishu from 6 month old and till now am giving her in alternate daysSmileEvery year my mom make this and pack for me.My friend Hema asked the recipe for her son thus i planned to post the recipe here.I adopted this recipe from Sashiga and followed my mom’s tips carefully.Thanks Menaga for sharing this healthy recipe.

Yeilds : 2-3 cups Health Mix


1/2 cup Ragi
3 tbsp Corn
2 tbsp Parboiled Rice
2 tbsp Barley
2 tbsp Peanut
2 tbsp Sago
2 tbsp Horse gram
2 tbsp Wheat
2 tbsp Green gram dal
2 tbsp Spilt gram dal
5 pcs Almond/Badam
5 pcs Cashew nuts
4 cardamom

How to make Sathu Mavu at home???

Sathu Mavu
These are all the ingredients which i used to make sathu mavu.You can add or skip any ingredients as per your wish and also you can increase or decrease the quantity as per your wish.If you make any changes in the ingredients, then there might be a slight change in the taste.Before proceeding the process make sure that all the ingredients are cleaned well to make powder.Sometimes the ragi we get in store might contain dusts and stones so remove and clean them and make it ready.

Sathu Mavu
Dry roast all the ingredients separately,one by one.Make sure that they do not burn and then powder it in mixie.You can powder it one by one or together.It depends according to the quantity you make.The measurement which i mentioned here yields 2-3 cups of flour.But if you are making more than that then better power it in mill than in mixie.

Sathu Mavu
Once you powdered the flour sieve it.If you find any solid peace collect it and powder it again in mixie.Sieve it again.

Sathu Mavu
Once done,Keep it in a air tight container.No need to store it in fridge you can store it in room temperature also.

How to Consume it???

If you want to give this for kids,

Take 2 tsp of this powder,mix in 1/4 cup cold water and 1/2 cup milk.Dissolve It without any lumps.Keep this in stove and stir continually till you get porridge like consistency.Remove it from stove,add a tsp of sugar and cool down for some time.Feed your baby in spoon.

If you want to give this to adults,

Take 2 tsp of Health mix and a cup of butter milk,mix it nicely.Add salt and then consume it.


  • As i said before you can change the ingredients like parboiled rice into brown rice and you can add jowar,etc.
  • My mom used to add sugar while powder it.If you are going to make sweet version then add in 4 tbsp sugar while powder it.
  • If your kids doesn’t want to have it in kanji form then make ladoo and give them as snack.Will try to post more recipes using sathu mavu in future.

Have a Nice Day!!!

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  2. Exremely handy for all ages to have this Sathu maavu at home. Great idea to take pics of each grain, so there is no confusion for reader.

  3. I Felt so happy after reading this ,because i was just searching sum thing like this good and healthy food for my child. i think i got it Thank you for your help.may god bless you

  4. Thank you for the recipe.
    Just wanted to know if we have to wash any of the ingredients (eg: rice, corn, wheat….) before dry roasting them.

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