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Khoya Jamun
Gulab Jamun is my family fav dessert.I have already posted the recipe for dry Gulab jamun and  normal Gulab Jamun using milk powder.Here I am sharing the recipe for khoya jamun which is quick and easy to make if we have khoya handi.Do check the recipe for home made khoya here.

1 cup Khoya/ Khova
1/2 cup Maida/Plain Flour
A generous pinch of bi carbonate of soda
1 tbsp Milk
Oil for deep frying

For Syrup:
2 cups Sugar
1 and 1/2 cup Water
2 tsp Rose essence
A generous pinch of Cardamom Powder

Khoya Jamun


Khoya Jamun

  • Before using the soda,test it.Take little water in a bowl and then drop the soda into the water if air bubbles are formed then the soda is working.If not it will not makes jamun soft.
  • Crumble the khoya before using it.

Khoya Jamun

  • Add the flour and the soda with the crumbled khoya and start kneading the dough without adding water.Since the khoya contains moist we no need to add water.If you feel the dough is dry add just a tbsp of milk.
  • Make small balls like goose berry size.

Khoya Jamun

  • Heat the oil in pan at medium heat.Drop the balls slowly and deep fry the balls and take it out from oil.

Khoya Jamun

  • Meanwhile make the sugar syrup by boiling the water and sugar,till the sugar dissolves and then add the cardamom powder.Switch off the stove.Add the rose essence finally.
  • Add the deep fried Jamuns into the syrup.Take it out from syrup after a minute.If you keep it for long time it will become soggy.

Khoya Jamun

Reserve the syrup and add it in the blow while serving.Serve hot or chilled Jamun.Sure it Melts on your Mouth.

  • Test the soda before you use if soda doesn’t work properly,you will not get the soft jamuns.
  • If you are using store brought khoya then keep it at room temperature for half an hour before use.
  • The jamun won’t get fully cooked if you fry it in high flame.
  • After adding the jamuns into the syrup take it out in one minute time otherwise it will become soggy.You can reserve the syrup and add it while serving. 

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