Sweet Pastry Pin Wheels

Remember my Fondant cake? On hubby birthday we had small party and made cheesy mushroom puff along with pizza.

I had some left over pastry sheet to use.While chatting i asked my friend to give me any recipe to use pastry sheet.  She quickly told me one of her favorite recipe which was new for me, after clearing my doubts with her I did tried it and loved it.  This recipe is so simple and yet delicious, a keeper for me.


1 Pastry Sheet
1/2 cup Tutti fruity
2 tbsp nuts(i used almonds)
2 tbsp dessicated Coconut
A Pinch Cinnamon Powder


  • Pre heat the Oven at 180 degree c for 5 minutes.
  • You can use normal sugar,but brown sugar will give nice colour and yummy too.Chop the nuts and mix it with tutti fruity.
In  a mixing bowl,add all the ingredients and mix well.
Spread the mix at a corner of the pastry sheet or you can spread the mix every where through out the sheet.

                                                                             Roll it.

      Once done, Brush on top with butter/with egg whites and then bake at 180 degree Celsius  for about  15-20 minutes.

                                         Here is our Sweet Pastry Pin Wheels are ready.

                                                    Cut them into your desired size and serve.

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  1. I also make sthis iyengar style sweet puff for my weekends, except I don add cinnamon powder.. U always make me drool and wow me with ur perfection..

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