Barbie doll cake for birthday Party

Barbie Doll Cake

Kids grown up so fast these days, don’t they? 

It seems like just yesterday we celebrated Aishu 6th Birthday last year but then again her next birthday here.A month before the big day, she started asking me what cake you are going to bake for my birthday this year.I was showing many cakes but she stick on with her last year birthday Barbie cake.

The blogger in me replied – darling I have already posted the recipe can u please change your mind?

Aishu – no amma,  am going to celebrate my birthday with my class mates at school this time if you make Barbie then my friends will enjoy the cake. “Make for me Please… Pretty Please “ 

Me – [I can’t say no once she ask me like this am flattered] Anything for your darling.

Barbie Doll Cake

Last year I made the Barbie doll cake with replicating her dress, so this year again I did the same.  I couldn’t find golden colour though I search high-low all over so in the end settle myself with mustard colour and the cake still looks beautiful, don’t you think?  2 dolls together Smile.

Want to make a Barbie doll cake for your little one’s birthday?

Please check the recipe with step by step procedures for the Barbie Doll Cake here

Barbie Doll Cake

Look at all the kids faceSurprised smile

She came and told me that they enjoyed the cake and Birthday PartySmile

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  1. Beautiful Prema ….the cake is exact replica …amazing …your are going great …am sure Aishu n classmates enjoy to fullest ….can’t take eye of the cake

  2. wow simply awesome….loved it so much!!! I’m sure ur daughter must have been so proud to show off her pretty dress and beautiful cake made by her lovely mom!!!

  3. wow, such a superb cake, love the colours.
    My kid’s turning 5 this september and I am on the hunt for super heroes especially Iron man..Oh boys !! 🙂
    belated birthday wishes to your girl

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