How to make Perfect Filter Coffee at Home | Freshly brewed Filter coffee For Coffee Lovers


Filter Coffee is very famous in my hometown(Thanjavur).Nathan’s Coffee Powder is very popular.There we can get freshly grounded coffee powder with the dark roasted coffee bean(70%-80%) and chicory(20%-30% ).Luckily here also i can get the fresh coffee powders with good aroma .Let see how to prepare Perfect filter coffee.

To make filter coffee we need  a coffee filter like this,

A Coffee filter consists of two portions of metal containers, the bottom portion is for collection of decoction and the top portion (with a lid) is where the ground coffee and boiling water are placed.This umbrella shaped thing helps water to percolate slowly depends on the quantity of the powder placed.


2 tbsp of coffee powder
1/3 cup of  boiling water
3/4 cup boiled milk
1 tsp sugar


                Add coffee powder into the coffee filter and make sure that it spread everywhere.

                     Keep the umbrella shaped thing into the coffee filter

Then drop the boiled water.Just roll the umbrella one that the decoction started dripping fast into the bottom container. 

                      Meanwhile boil the milk without adding water and then add the boiled milk  in a tumbler.

Add a tsp of sugar and make everything ready and wait until the decoction can be collected at the bottom of the filter. 

                          Here is  the concentrate decoction is ready.

              Once the decoction collected at the bottom,drop them into the tumbler containing milk.

      Swished a couple of time,so that the sugar and the decoctions are mix well.It gives delicious foams on the top.Here is the Aromatic Filter coffee is ready…



Use clean filter so that the decoction comes out very fast.
The water should boiled well otherwise you won’t get the thick concentrate decoction.
Add the milk first into the tumbler and then depends on your taste add the decoction like mild,strong…

Have a nice Day!

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  1. Prema, By this post you proved you are from Tanjore. Who else can make a nice coffee like you dear:) Great pictures and nice explanation. I should say, Cappuccinos can never come near this native coffee!

  2. At my home and hubby’s home nobody drinks coffee so I dont know onething abt coffee.Eventhough I have heard a lot abt filter coffee I m not sure whether I have tasted this ever in my life..So this post was really an informative one for me.Finally I know what is a filter coffee..Thanks a lot for this post.

  3. wow paakave superra iruku…. apdiye antha glassa eduthukanum pola iruku… now a days no patience at all… but seeing urs…. mmmmm i can really feel the coffee smellllll……

  4. hi prema, besh besh! romba nanna irukku. everyones favourite. first time in your lovely blog. it’s awesome with beautiful recipes. nice clicks too. do stop by mine when u find time.

  5. Dear Prema
    Very nice posting..I am a tea drinker and only take filtered coffee..just cant drink instant ones.
    I took a great liking for coffee when I was in Italy..but rarely get the taste here..
    anyway Tea jindabad Ha ha
    Have a nice week ahead

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