Simple Paruppu(dal) Sadam(Sadham) | How to cook the Dal Perfectly

Plain steamed Rice(Sadham) + Creamy Dal + Ghee + a Pinch of Salt makes the Paruppu Nei Sadham Or Simple Paruppu Sadham should be there in our General Pandigai Menu.How to cook dal Perfectly is really a challenge many of my friends will say that many time they will cook to make the dal mushy.But it is very simple procedure to cook the dal.The secret behind is need to add a drop of oil while cooking the dal to make it mushy.Sometimes the worst dal quality also remains the dal uncook.For that you need to soak it for atleast 15 mins before pressure cook the dal.
Hope these tips will help you to get clear idea.

1. Wash the dal until the water runs clear, then drain and put in a Pressure cooker and add in enough water,turmeric powder,a drop oil. Bring to the boil.Usually i will keep 4 whistles for dal.Once done remove it from the stove.
2. If the dal quality is not nice then soak it for 15 mins before you cook.Here is the simple dal is ready.

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