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Paan Ice Cream
Paan Ice Cream is a one my fav Ice Cream that i had ever.My bil who introduced this Ice cream to me first time, after that i started having it in restaurants.Recently on the Mother’s day,one of the restaurant in sg serves Paan Ice cream to all their customer.After tasted their  i decided to post the recipe here.Guys do give a try who ever doesn’t have the habbit of eating bettle leaves or pan,they sure love this ice cream.


3 cups vanilla Ice cream
2 bettle leaves
1 tbsp rose pettles preserve(gulkand)
2 tbsp paan stuffing


Paan Ice Cream

Here i used the store bought Vanilla Ice cream,you can also use the home made ice cream .I used the rose pettles preserves-gulkand which gives cooling effect.Bettle leaves is very good for digestion.Mixed paan stuffing contains cardamon,cloves, saunf which is a good mouth freshener,tutti frutti,methai,grated dry coconut,etc.If you didn’t get this mix you can add the paan filling which you get it from paan shop.

Paan Ice Cream

Add the ice cream in a mixing bowl.Wash and chop the bettle leaves and add it into the bowl.Add in the rose pettle preserve-gulkand,paan mix .

Paan Ice Cream

Using spoon mix every thing and again refrigerate it for 2 hours without disturbing it.I know it is very hard to resist but wait till it get setSmile.

Paan Ice Cream

After 2 hours take it out from fridge,now the ice cream is ready to serve.

Paan Ice Cream

You can serve the ice cream simply in bowls or you stuff it into the bettle leaves and again refrigerate for an hour and serve it cool after food.


  • You can try this recipe with any other flavour of ice creams of your choice.
  • You can make the Paan Milk shake,by adding Paan Ice cream and little milk in the juicer and blend it.You will get the paan Milk shake.

Have a Nice Day!!!

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  1. Wow, when I read your title, I was wondering what is this Paan ice cream. Just awesome, very nicely explained. Loved the click as well. Very innovative thinking.

  2. Wow, heard lot about this ice cream but never had a chance to enjoy them..Paan stuffing,betel leaves and gulkand,omg, can guess how delicious this icecream will be.

  3. Beautiful presentation, there is an Indian ice cream parlor in the Bay area that serves pan icecream among many other desi flavors. It tastes delicious

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