Home made Ice Lemon Tea | Iced Lemon Tea

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          Next to Filter coffee,black tea is my fav.Ice lemon tea can be easily made at home.Home made ice lemon tea is not only healthy,but also a refreshing drink.


4  tsp tea powder / 2 tea bags (i used Lipton tea powder)
4 cups water
1/4 cup lemon juice
4 tbsp sugar(adjust according to your taste)
Ice cubes(as needed)


For ice lemon tea,we should make black tea first.I love freshly brewed black tea than the tea bags,so i used my tea maker to make black tea.You can use tea bags or can make black tea by boiling water in a sauce pan.Add tea powder and allow it to boil.Strain the tea powder and collect the black tea.Let it cool for sometime and then add the lime juice.

Prema's Thaligai © www.premascook.com | 2012

Add the sugar and mix well(for effective weight loss, have lemon tea without sugar).Refrigerate the tea and serve chill whenever needed.

Prema's Thaligai © www.premascook.com | 2012

Try to add fresh lemon slices to add flavour for the tea(the tangy flavour will keep your taste buds happy).Add ice cubes and serve chill.

Prema's Thaligai © www.premascook.com | 2012

The strength of tea depends on your taste(if it is very strong dilute it with little cold water) and so does the sugar. Adjust to taste.

Prema's Thaligai © www.premascook.com | 2012
Have A Nice Day!!!

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  1. My favorite drink. I think this is the first thing I learnt b4 marriage when I entered kitchen… And I love it a lot. Super click prema. I love the first one a lot 🙂

  2. Super….the clicks are so so super dear… My son loves Ice lemon tea a lot and make for him always, but never thought of posting it….the pictures are simply amazing…hope u dont mind teaching me the tricks of taking super photos like these….

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