Thakkali Kuzhambu Using Black Night shade seeds | மனத்த தக்காளி – தக்காளி குழம்பு

Thakkali Kuzhambu
Thakkali Kuzhambu is very famous in my home town.I had Thakkali Kuzhambu recently in Saravana Bhavan they used Manatha thakkali vathal in it.The tastes was really good.So I wanted to make this kuzhambu at home.It came out so well and taste delicious.

Thakkali Kuzhambu
For Thakali Kuzhambu,Choose ripe tomatoes for good taste.

Thakkali Kuzhambu
I used Manatha Thakkali vathal.You can use fresh manatha thakkali also.If u didn’t get the manatha thakkali then compensate it with mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds,for tempering.


3 Ripe Tomatoes
A hand full Mantha thakkali vathal / Black night shade Seeds
1 Medium Sized Onion,chopped
Few Curry leaves 
1/4 cup Tamarind Extract
2-3 tbsp Gingerly Oil
1/4 tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt as needed

To Grind:

2 and 1/2 tbsp grated Coconut
1/2 tsp Fennel Seeds
1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
1 tsp Coriander Seeds
1 tsp Roasted Gram dal
2 dry Red Chillies


Thakkali Kuzhambu

  • Mash the tomatoes and keep aside.
  • Roast the grinding ingredients and ground it until fine paste with little water.

Thakkali Kuzhambu

  • Heat oil in a kadai and fry the manatha thakkali till golden brown.
  • Add onion and curry leaves,fry them along with the manatha thakkali.

Thakkali Kuzhambu

  • Add the mashed tomatoes and fry,till the raw smell goes.
  • Add turmeric powder and salt.

Thakkali Kuzhambu

  • Add tamarind extract and let it to cook well.
  • Add the grounded paste and mix well.Cover and cook for few minutes or till the gravy becomes thick.

Thakkali Kuzhambu

Here is the Thakkali kuzhambu is ready.Serve it with hot rice/idly.

Have a Nice Day!!!

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  1. I am missing these wonderful curry by sitting here. My granny’s signature recipe. I like your gravy and bowl. Perfect meal with hot rice. YUM!!!

  2. கலர்புல்லான தக்காளி குழம்பு சூப்பரா இருக்கு,அந்த தக்காளி படம் ரொம்ப பிடிச்சிருக்கு….

  3. thanks for visiting my space n ur wonderful comments dear….wow this is one awesome recipe…though new to me i’ll surely giv it a try next time !do visit my space again n happy to follow u here 🙂

  4. Looks delicious. Temptingly so..! I am announcing Valentines Special – my 1st blog event and a Giveaway.!. Please do be a part of it and send in your recipes..! 🙂

  5. I was looking for this recipe, I had not bookmarked, but I remember the clicks usually sometimes when I forget to BM, I had few menthakkali seeds and I knew there was one such recipe, I think this is what I am going to do tonight I have loads of tomatoes at home!!:), thanks for sharing

  6. Hi prema, made it, ate it, enjoyed it :), ate it with chapatis, delicious.., thanks for sharing this recipe…, this was our tonight’s, mum and me, as kids ate pasta!!

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