Baked French Fries

As my daughter had school holidays it was difficult to make snacks everyday as she likes French fries I made this one day and baked it.  She liked it very much. It’s a good change from usual fried ones and healthy too.  


2-3 Russet Potatoes(or any potatoes of your choice)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
Salt  to Taste
Any Seasoning 


Russet Potatoes are best choice for preparing fresh fries.You can choose any other varieties of potatoes as you wish.

   Peel and wash the potatoes to prepare for slicing.

Here is my tool,i use this knife for slicing if you don’t have this knife just use your knife and slice the potato into four straight pieces.

Slice the potato into four pieces further into thin slices and make sure that they must be in even sizes for even cooking. 

Pre heat the oven and lay the potatoes on some parchment paper/baking tray, season them with salt and olive oil.Keep it oven and Bake for about 30-40 minutes at 180 c or until golden brown.

 When they are in the oven, ensure that you turn them periodically to ensure even browning.

      Here is our Home made Crispy Baked French fries is ready to serve.

                 You can Serve it with Sauce or any other seasonings.

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  1. This is awesome… My daughter too loves french fries.. but I was not keen in giving her fried ones. Loved your version and the serrated cuts are simply outstanding.. Loved it..:)

  2. Wow!! That’s a good idea to have some healthy snacks..
    Prema I just loooved your mocha and balck forest cake. It looks absolutely stunning. Wish I could do it so perfectly..

    Happy to follow u..

  3. Oh prema, I’ve also made fries, still to post my recipe, but with sweet potatoes, ur’s looks soooo YUm, crispy, love the crinkle shape ..

  4. I too have a French fry fan at home will surely try this healthy twist so that I don’t have to feel guilty next time I feed her this.

  5. Dear Prema
    How are you? Here after a long time! I like this method of making French fries. The photographs are superb..even i feel like eating the raw ones!! Ha ha
    Let me see what all I have missed so far
    Have a nice day

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