Eggless Mehandi cake | how to do mehandi design on cake


I was so excited to make this cake, it’s my first attempt of mehandi design on cake.Though am not an expert in Mehandi but know how to fill the whole hand.Made this cake for a special friend who is celebrating her birthday today.Here am sharing this with you all.
I used  the eggless vanilla cake recipe for this.
Check here the recipe for chocolate frosting and  How to Melt Chocolate with double boiling method.

Mehandi cake

How i made it:

Mehandi cake

  • I used the eggless vanilla cake recipe to make this cake so refer here for the detailed procedure.Once you made the cake, let it  cool down completely.
  • Arrange the parchment papers on sides so that if the frosting drops it can be removed easily from the board.
  • Make the chocolate frosting by melting the chocolate,butter and cream,check here for detailed procedure to melt chocolate and to make chocolate frosting.Once done apply the frosting all over the cake.

Mehandi cake

  • Spread it nicely on the sides.You can use any flat thing to spread the chocolate frosting evenly or you can also use a piece of parchment paper to spread the frosting.
  • Once done remove the parchment paper pieces which is kept on the sides and set it in fridge for 15 minutes and then start the deco.


  • Fill the pink cream frosting inside the cone and make ready for the piping.Practise some designs which you are going to apply on the cake before you start.
  • Start applying the design on the sides and corners and then fill the centre.

Mehandi cake
Here is the mehandi cake is ready.If you are expert in mehandi then try some good designs.

Have a nice day!!!

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