Dosa Pan, Dosa Tawa,kadai, Cast Iron Product Review

Cast Iron Cookware, Dosakal,irumbu chatti

Dosa Pan, Dosa Tawa, kadai, Cast Iron Product Review from DOSAKAL.COM.  Todays Post is not about Food or recipe share but this post will help to make(cook) healthy food. Yes, a few days back I have read an article about how badly we are affected by using the non-stick cookware. Now we are in the modern days we want everything Quick and Instantly but we forgot about the consequences. Making healthy food is as important as in what way we are making in also important. Now in my kitchen, I am trying to avoid non-stick cookware and bring the cast iron cookware. I know cooking in cast iron is not easy it needs seasoning and maintenance and all that.

If you have a query about the How to season a cast iron pan, how to maintain cast iron cookware it. Just close your eye and order this DOSAKAL product. This cast iron cookware comes with seasoned dosakal, seasoned irumbu chatti. No need for pre-seasoning and maintenance also very simple and easy.

I got this product for review and started using it, it is too good. Made dosa and it was super crispy and taste awesome.

Cast Iron Products Available in DOSAKAL.COM,

  1. Traditional dosakal,

Traditional Dosakal is round 11-inch dosa pan with the iron handle which is also pre-seasoned

2. Traditional Irumbu chatti,

The irumbu chatti is 8-inch diameter kadai with handles.

3. Desingner Dosa Pan,

This is 11-inch square Dosa Pan with wooden handle.

4. Designer Kadai,

This square 8 inch kadai with a spout and 2 handles.

5. Hot Plate

Hot plate is 11- inch square for heavy duty cooking

6. Appam Chatti

Traditional 8-inch appam chatti with 2 handles.

These are Product Available and all are pre-seasoned and maintenance free cast iron cookware.

You can order your product through online using this link or visit the store


U-60, 7th Street,

Anna Nagar, Chennai,

TN 600040


 soon i will publish the dishes made using the cast iron pan, am super excited to use it.

Cast Iron Cookware, Dosakal,irumbu chatti

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