Thank You ,It’s been 4 Years!!!

Blog Anniversary
Dear Friends & Readers,
Thank you so much for all your support. I am late in publishing my blog’s anniversary which i should have published in the month of Jan . I have decided to write this post  at least now, as I have a good reason for that! This blog just turned Five  and I’m very happy that I’ve reached until here, thanks to my readers!
I have started this journey Jan 2010.Honestly, when I started, i didn’t know anything about blogging. With my current experience now, I would say that Am doing little bit OK and I am really enjoying  it 🙂 , still lot to learn .I’m glad that my posts are being useful for people.One of the main reason am continuing this blog , as my post might help both of my daughters on cooking and provide better recipe for the readers.Also because of this blog I’ve met some nice people and I am learning many things. It’s a great experience for me:-)
2014 i couldn’t able to publish many post as i delivered a baby and couldn’t able to concentrate more on blog. Now she turns 1 year, hopefully i may find some time with her permission 🙂  i hope.

At this time , would like to convey my thanks to my Hubby who always support me and even while i take break , he encourage me to post. Big thanks to Aishu , who assist me on her holidays by taking videos and also correct my mistakes in posts. Thanks again to all my  Readers , they showered with their continuous  support , even sometimes with my delayed reply and comments .

Every year this blog brings me something … something that changes my life, adds extra joy & happiness. It introduced me to wonderful bloggers,who are very friendly, kind & full of joy …
Many Thanks to you all and please show your continuous support.
Have a blessed Day!!!
Premalatha Aravindhan.

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