Sweet Somas

Somas is a Traditional Sweet and has been in my do list for long.My Mom Prepare this Sweet Somas for deepavali every year.I slightly made changes in the recipe and tried.I didn’t get poppy seeds here,so i didn’t use it in filling.If you get it Please try to use it.


1 and 1/2 cups Madai/Plain Flour
2 tbsp Rava
1/4 cup Oil/Ghee
Enough water to Knead the Flour(i need 1/4 cup)
Oil for deep Frying
A Pinch Salt

For Filling:

1 tsp Ghee
1/4 cup Dry/grated Coconut(i used desiccated coconut)
3 Cardamom
3 tbsp Roasted Bengal Gram(powdered)
1/4 cup Sugar(powdered)


Add the Madai flour,Rava,Salt and oil in a mixing bowl.Knead the flour by adding the water little by little into soft dough.

Make the soft dough and cover it with wet cloth and keep aside for 15mins.

Meanwhile Prepare the filling,here i used desiccated coconut,you can use dry/grated coconut.Powdered the roasted Bengal gram dal and sugar with cardamom, separately.

Heat the pan and add ghee into it.Add the Powdered Bengal gram dal,sugar and cardamom powder,coconut and roast it for 10 mins/till turns light brown.

Make the dough into poori size and keep the roasted mix in the middle.

Keep this dough in the mould  and close it or just close by pressing the edges with fork.

    Make ready the Somas for frying.

Heat the oil in a kadai add the somas one by one and deep fry them.once fried take it out.

Have a Nice Day!!!

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  1. I love the somas mould i remember during my childhood days there would be a designer spoon to cut the edges i would do that during deepavali preparations.. i love this so much..

  2. Delicious looking sweet samosa. I havent thought of making them at home. Yours is looking so damn tempting 🙂 will give a shot soon 🙂

  3. We call this karjikayi..n is one of my fav sweets…I love with this filling..looks yumm..I liked ur press,sleek and ncie deisgn it gives..:)

  4. எங்கம்மாவும் ரொம்ப நல்லா செய்வாங்க,ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும் எனக்கு..ஞாபகபடுத்திட்டீங்க ப்ரேமா!!

  5. I luv this somas….and make it almost the same way….having the readymade press is sure a nice idea and makes our task easy too..Perfect somas u have got 🙂

  6. Oh, my! Talk about a coconut treat! Those are beautiful!!! I love that you have a press – I always end up doing any sort of free-form treat by hand…

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