Jelly Fruit Cake



  • Butter/Margarine 125g 
  • Sugar 1/2 cup 
  • Eggs 2 
  • Vanilla Essence 1tsp 
  • Self Raising Flour 1 cups 
  • Milk 1/2 cup 
  • Coco powder 1/2 tsp 

For jelly:

  • Mango Flavoured Jelly powder 1 pkt 
  • sugar 1/2 cup 
  • Fresh fruits of your choice 


  • In a mixing bowl beat the butter and sugar,till fluffy.
  • Add eggs and beat in high speed for 2 mins.
  • Mix the flour and vanilla essence and milk,beat well.
  • Take a tbsp of cake and mix coco powder and drop the middle of the cake tin and remaining mix around it. 
  • Bake it for 35-40 mins at 180 degree Celsius. 
  • Turn cake over onto a plate and let it cool for sometime.Meanwhile the Prepare the fruit jelly. 
  • Boil the jelly powder in water with sugar for 2 minutes in microwave.
  • Drop the jelly mix in the same tin which you baked the cake and arrange the fruits over the jelly and refrigerate it for 20 min. 

  • Once it done take out slowly and place it on the top of the cake.

  • Keep it in fridge before serving.

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  1. Wow …it’s just like how we get here in SG rite…looks too gud..and thanks for the recipe..I was thinking infact of the same..bookmarked it

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