Simple Onion tomato chutney (red chutney) recipe

Tomato chutney

Simple Onion tomato chutney (red chutney) recipe, perfect red chutney recipe, side dish for idli dosa, in  easy steps’Onion Tomato Chutney is one of the quickest and easiest chutney recipes I make often.

Author: Premalatha Aravindhan Prep Time : 10 mins  Cook Time : 15 mins  Serves: 2  Category: Side Dish-Chutney Recipes Cuisine: South Indian
2 Tomatoes
6 shallots(small onion)
4 Red chillies  
2 tsp Oil

Tomato chutney

  • Heat oil in a pan and then fry the small onions and chlli and take it out.
  • Now add the tomatoes and fry it in the same pan.Let them cool for sometime and then grind it one by one.
  • Serve it with idli or dosa

Tomato chutney

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