Nei Urundai


2 cup moong dhal
1 cup diced almonds
2 cup sugar
4 cardamoms
150g ghee


Keep the diced almonds in a microwave safe tray and bake it for 1 Min’s until the colour turns light brown.
And then keep the moong dhal in oven for 1 min and grind it into a fine powder.If the powder is bit course,sieve it using the strainer.
Grind the sugar into fine powder along with the cardamoms.Meanwhile heat the ghee in oven for 1 Minute.
Before making the balls,keep little bit of moong dhal flour aside for dusting.Then mix the Moong dhal powder,sugar powder and the baked diced Almonds well.
With this mixture add little bit of ghee in the middle and mix the flour with ghee.Press the flour and make it into a small ball,if the ghee is too hot then dust the ball in the flour and then make the ball.
Complete this steps for remaining flour and make small balls.
While making the balls the ghee should be too hot.
Don’t add more ghee at a time add little by little and make the balls.This is very easy to prepare,Kids love it.
                            Here is the Nei Urundai is ready to tasty.Anybody want it? Please take…

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