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Karthigai deepam Recipes,yup peanut(kadalai Urundai ) is the one which we make for karthigai deepam.But
in my daughter school,this week they are celebrating the nutricious snacks week.So they giving a theme daily and ask the parents to prepare snacks, according to that.Todays theme is Protein rich snacks.Peanuts have rich in protein and she likes the peanut also.So i prepared peanut candy.This is the first time iam trying this,usually i brought it from the store.This is my hubby’s favourite also.I tried this from the yum blog.
The original recipe is here


250g peanut
100g grated jaggery
1/3 cup water
3 cardamon crushed


Roast the peanut in Microwave safe bowl for about 2 mins, till it gives out a nice aroma.Take out and cool down for 5 mins.Rub the peanuts well with your palm to remove the skin. Remove the skin completely.Here is my Daughter is helping me to peel.

Take a heavy bottomed vessel,add grated jaggery,crushed cardamon and  water.Bring to boil on a medium flame.Boil till the syrup reaches the thread consistency. To check the consitency of the syrup, pour the syrup into a cup of cold water. If it forms a ball the syrup is ready.

Takeout the syrup from the stove.Mix it with the peanut. Allow to cool for about 10 minutes.Make it  into small balls using rice flour/oil , so that the syrup does not stick to your hands.

                                                 Here is the peanut candy is ready.

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