Tomato Rasam

Tomato Rasam:

2 medium sized tomatoes
1 tsp toor dhal
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp oil
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1 sprig curry leaves
1/4 tsp hing powder
1 tsp jeera powder
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1 cup tamarind extract
few chopped coriender leaves for garnishing
salt as needed.

Boil the tomatoes in microwave high for 2 Min’s and cool it for few Min’s.Then grind it in the mixie.
Meanwhile cook the toor dhal with turmeric powder and enough water.
In a heavy bottom vessel/sauce pan,heat the oil,temper the mustard seeds,curry leaves and hing powder.
Add the tomato puree and cooked toor dhal with water into the sauce pan and cook it.
Add tamarind extract, jeera powder,pepper powder and salt.
Don’t boil it ,remove it from the stove once it started foaming.
Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with hot rice.
Smash the rice and add little ghee and mix it.Add rasam on it and blend it well.This is rasam satham/rice.Kids love it.

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  1. அருமையான ரசம்,சூப் மாதிரி அப்ப்டியே குடிக்கலாம்..அந்த குட்டி வாளி ரொம்ப அழகாயிருக்கு…

  2. this small bucket is really really cute .. yeah even I have this rasam rice by blending it in the blender with ghee, rasam and rice and to top it with crushed potato chips .. nothing can beat that taste … yours exactly looking like how I enjoy it 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs.Prema Latha. You are doing a wonderful job. Kudos. I have a request. During college, i used to have Egg Biryani in chennai. Can you please provide recipe for the same. We do get egg biryani in other places but chennai’s egg biryani is my favourite. PLease spare some time to post this. Thanks a ton.

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