Keerai Masiyal Recipe | Healthy side dish recipe



1 bunch spinach of any variety
1 red chilly
1 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp oil

8-10 Garlic pods
1/4 cup water
Salt as needed

Method of Preparation:

Take any variety of keerai cut into finely.
Rinse the keerai till it clean.
Pressure Cook the keerai with water,garlic and salt.As it is served for kids i didn’t at chilly at this stage.If you want you can add chilly and cook it.
Once the keerai cooked well grind it in mixie.

Transfer the keerai in a bowl.
Heat a oil in a pan and temper the red chilly and mustard seed in it.Add the tempering over the keerai.
Serve the masiyal as dish or can be mixed with rice and given to small kids.Don’t add chillies ,if it is specially for kids.

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