1.How to Make Barbie doll Cake


This video helps you to learn how to assemble cake to make barbie doll and rosette decoration.

2. How to Make Vada Batter in Mixie

Many of you have find difficulty in grinding the vada batter in Grinder or sometimes it takes time to do in grinder.This video helps you to grind the vada batter in Mixie withiin 10 mins time.

3. How make perfect shaped Vadai

Finding difficulties in shapping the vadai? check this video you can make the perfect shaped vadai.

 4. How to make Kanda Poha / Pohe

5. How to make Perfect shaped Karthigai Pori Urunadai with tips

6. How to make Manoharam for karthigai deepam or other functions.

7.How to Blanch Almonds